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Matt Cutts put up a post earlier today about the Facebook Comments system, Disqus comments, and other similar commenting systems that are now being indexed by GoogleBot.  These very easy to use commenting systems are great to fight spam because of the information and registered users they have attached to them.  Today, it’s been pointed out that Google will now be indexing these types of comments attached to posts that you have created.  Up until this point Google did not crawl these comments because of the AJAX or Javascript or the IFrame that they were embedded in.

That all changed today when those comments went from being invisible to visible.  Now all Facebook and Disques comments are being indexed and counted.  The Googlebot now has the ability to read the comment. Amit Agarwal, a technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, wrote the following:

“Googlebots, or the spiders that crawl web pages,  are now reading Facebook on websites just like any other text content and the more interesting part is that you can also search the text of these comments using regular Google search.”

This more goes out to all those people that are posting stupid post up on Facebook or any other site.  If you are posting stupid comments or stupid things, it’s going to be attached to your name or company for the rest of your life.  The internet is getting smarter and you have to treat it like so.  Don’t be an idiot.

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