It goes without saying that every PPC campaign out there should be running some sort of analytical program on their landing pageWhat Google Analytics Can Teach You About Your PPC Campaign to provide stats and figures about the page. For some, they will choose paid services and programs to analyse their landing page. For the majority of advertisers, Google Analytics will be good enough to use on their landing pages.


It is one thing to install Google Analytics on a landing page, though, and it is a totally different thing understanding what Google Analytics can provide you for your PPC campaign. In essence, Google Analytics will help you improve your campaign in so many different ways.



Where You Are Going Wrong

The amount of information Google Analytics can provide you about every web user that lands onto your landing page is quite scary to say the least. For this reason, it is very easy to see the statistics that clearly show where you are going wrong. From this, you can concentrate your efforts on improving these statistics.


For example, I had a landing page once in one of my PPC campaigns that had good statistics. However, Google Analytics made clear to me that this certain landing page had quite a high bounce rate. Therefore, I looked about reducing my bounce rate as by reducing my bounce rate, the web users will stay longer on the landing page and the longer web users are on a landing page, the more likely they are going to convert for you. As it turned out from the heat map Google Analytics offers, I had way too many links and was complicating the landing page significantly. The heat map should be red on the main areas which gain conversions. However, my heat map was showing orange all over the place!



Where You Are Going Right

Google Analytics doesn’t just tell you where you are going wrong. You will be able to see statistics which make clear that your campaign is actually running quite well. Some statistics I always like to look at are demographics and geo-targeting. Most campaigns geo-target now. Therefore, Google Analytics will be able to help you see if you are successful targeting the right people around the globe. As well as this, you will be able to see the age and the types of people that enter onto your landing page to see if they fit your definition of your ‘target market’ from a business plan you created for your PPC campaign. It all links in!


Ultimately, Google Analytics provides you the information to find out where your campaign is going wrong, if it is going wrong, and the information to reinforce the type of people you are trying to contextually target through PPC.

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