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4. Stay away from using the ‘content targeting’ options unless you are well familiar with Google. If you have no idea about a website, you most likely won’t benefit from it. If you may ask for Adwords recommendations, you will generally hear the suggestions to stay away from advanced features in the beginning.

5. Do not depend on the default placement for advertisements. You need to try various placements for your advertisements for different various keywords. You have to know where your advertisements work most effective.

The best way to determine is to test the advertisements in various positions. Take into account your ROI requirements and analyze every ad to find out in what place it is best performing.

You may also perform tests with various ads. Write different ad titles and descriptions to see which ad copy bring more clicks and conversions

6. Most likely the most valuable Adwords suggestion here is to improve the landing page of your website. As landing page is the most important part of your website that will ultimately help you in getting conversions.  Provide all the necessary information about your product or service on your landing page. Use bullet points to highlight the unique selling points about your product or service. Also link you ads directly with your landing page so, your potential visitors land on your landing page once they click your ads.

If you adhere to these Adwords tips, you are very likely to have more good results with your Adwords PPC advertising campaign.


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