In order to become a “Certified PPC Professional”, one has to pass the Google Adwords Professional Exam successfully. The purpose of this exam is to know either the individual has the basic or advanced knowledge of Adwords or not. Before you sit for this specific exam, it is necessary that you have practical experience with Adwords. If you do not know much about Adwords then it is important that you study thoroughly before taking part in this Professional Exam.

When getting ready for your Professional Exam, you will discover that there is plenty of preparation material available online that will help you to pass your exam. There are now two ways by which yon prepare for your professional exam. First approach is to have a look at the support page of Google that has a detailed studying center. By checking out this site, you can efficiently study and get ready for your exam. Furthermore, there are several resources available online that emphasis on educating you various fundamentals that will help you to pass your Google Advertising Professional Exam successfully.

To be able to register for your exam, you should check out the website that promotes the enrollment procedure. In order to successfully complete your registration process, it is necessary that you have the CIN (customer identification number) that is linked with the Client Center. As soon as all the details are completed, you can begin the exam straight away.

If you are not a native English speaker, there is certainly no worry in taking the Exam as it is also available in other languages. The famous languages of the world in which you can take this exam are: Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukraine, Turkish, Dutch and more.

Many people are curious about the expense that is related to the Google Advertising Professional exam. Many individuals are inquiring about the cost that is linked to this Professional Exam. It is in fact somewhat inexpensive, charging only $50.00 in USD. Generally, you need to pay money for the exam by presenting your credit card details. If you don’t succeed to pass this test, you need to pay the full fee next time again when you sit in this exam. The passing percentage for this Fundamentals exam is 85%. An Individual is allowed to take this exam two times in a thirty days period.

There are 100 different questions in exam and you have a total of 2 hours to complete the exam. Once you press the start button, you can not pause the timer. So, select the place where you are not intercepted by anyone while talking the test. It is also recommended to do some proper planning so you can complete all the questions in the given time period.


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