Pay per click advertising is truly a dominative force in online advertising and marketing. For advertisers, it is one of, if not the, best way to gain contextual traffic to a specific . For publishers, the revenue produced from Adsense adverts is unmatched when placed against any other form of online monetisation. Since it’s been a year since the last review of Adsense, I think it is only right to have an update to that review. Here is the 2014 review of Google Adsense looking at what they have done different since last year.


Adsense’s New Look

The first noticeable difference to last year’s Adsense is that Google has updated the user interface. It has all become a bit more minimalist making everything just that bit easier to digest.

An important aspect to any form of online monetization is the UI. This is because as a publisher, you will be spending a lot of time here, creating adverts, looking at your performance reports and allowing and blocking adverts to make sure only the highest CTR categories make it onto your advertising spaces. Therefore, it is important that Google has created and updated their user interface to make it much easier for the publisher to browse through.



Although Adsense may have had this back in 2013, I did not mention it in the 2013 review. The scorecard has been a great addition to the Google Adsense homepage because it identifies your website’s health while making sure you have optimised your revenue as much as possible. For publishers that are new to Adsense, this is a great form of guidance to make sure, in the early stages, that they are doing the right things to make the most amount of money.

Google Adsense Review 2014


The Adsense App

A new addition along with the Adsense UI is the Adsense app which is both available for Android and iOS smart phones. Although you cannot actually do anything with the app, the whole purpose behind it is to give you on-the-go statistics such as your pageviews, clicks, CTR, CPC and page RPM. For people that are constantly on the move, this could turn out to be quite a useful app.


Ultimately, the progression Google has made with Adsense in a year has been rather impressive. They are constantly improving Adsense while making new technologies take advantage of it such as smartphones. At the current rate of progression, I cannot see any other form of monetization beating Adsense and PPC. They are truly in their own league and I think any website owner will be incredibly stupid to not consider Adsense as a form of monetization for their website.

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