There are many publishers out there that presume Adsense is the best pay per click advertising program to use to make money from advertising. Although, for many years, this might be a true statement, it is wrong to just presume anything on the internet since everything is constantly changing online. Therefore, here is a review of Google Adsense from a publisher that has been using them for 3-4 years now. By the end of this article, you should be able to gather why they are still the best PPC program to use out there and not presume.


Google Adsense Review 2013


There are Millions of Advertisers

An important aspect to PPC is that the publisher and advertiser sides to PPC work in harmony with each other. From the fact that there are millions of advertisers using Google AdWords, this provides healthy competition amongst ad units for publishers. Looking a the old saying ‘supply and demand’, by increasing the demand for adverts will increase the price of them. Therefore, you can generally say that Adsense offers the best CPC out of all the PPC programs out there. For example, to strengthen this point, the most expensive keyword was $55 in AdWords. Compare this to Ad Dynamo that struggle to reach the tens of cents, there is a large contrast between Adsense and just about every other PPC program’s CPC.



It’s Google

It cannot be ignored that from the internet giants Google producing a program for PPC, people will use them because Google have a tendency to create the best programs. You can also have confidence that Adsense is not a scam. When it comes to trying out other PPC programs, I always worry about how legit they are. I still get many people asking me if Ad Dynamo are legit or not! The fact that Adsense is Google just gives that bit more confidence to publishers of the program. As well as this, the support Google offer is also increasing. Recently, after their 10th birthday, Google have included a small tool bar at the bottom of the Adsense homepage to show users of the program how well they are optimising their adverts, website etc. for Adsense. This will help many advertisers improve their RPM.



The Adverts Are Related

This can be seen to link in with the first heading. The fact that there are so many advertisers will contribute to the contextuality of the adverts being shown. However, Google have improved the contextuality in Adsense so that the adverts, as well as relating to the content, will also relate to the habits of the user too. For example, if the user has been trying to buy a car online all day and s/he clicks on a link moving them to content about something unrelated such as flowers the Adsense unit might display an advert about buying cars since that is what the user’s recent online interest has been in. This will definitely improve the CTR for ad units.



Ultimately, above all, Adsense makes money for publishers. You can have a strong CPC, but with a weak CTR, it is nothing. You can have a strong CTR, but with a weak CPC, it is also nothing. For Adsense, they have made it possible to have both so that bloggers and vloggers make the most amount of revenue from the traffic they generate.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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