Still the driving force behind many web sites for revenue generation, Google Adsense continues to run strong. With another year closing out, it’s time to put 2011 in the books and look back at what Google Adsense has accomplished and improved on their network over the past twelve months. The following is a highlight of their latest year in review email that was sent out to all Google Adsense members.

New Interface
We fully transitioned to the new AdSense interface and launched a number of new features including bulk edit, multi-dimension reporting and ad styles. We also launched a video series highlighting some of the functionalities of the new interface.

2011 was a big year for all things social at Google, which included many improvements for our AdSense publishers. We introduced the +1 button, first on the Google search results, then on publisher sites and display ads. Based on your feedback, we made +1 buttons faster and provided reporting options. Most recently, we launched Google+ Your Business and Google+ Pages to help you grow your audience and start conversations with the right people.

AdSense in Your City
We met many of you in person through our AdSense in Your City events in North America and other similar seminars around the world. We’re continuing the program next year so make sure to check back for more details. Also, opt in to receiving special offers so we can send you details about AdSense events.

We expanded our payment options by offering Western Union in sub-Saharan Africa, Mexico, Palestinian Territories and numerous other countries. Your passion to help Japan after the devastating earthquake truly inspired us so we offered a way for you to donate your AdSense earnings.

We listened to your feedback about wanting to know more about our policies, so we dedicated monthly posts with tips on how to keep your account in good status. For example, we provided tips on creating unique content and information about invalid clicks.

Finally, we’d like to highlight our most popular blog posts of the year, as determined by your visits. Our post on new in-ads notice label and icon received the most visits from readers, and the post that you +1’d the most was our announcement about +1 buttons being added to display ads. Make sure to keep +1ing our posts to let us know when you like them and also +1 our blog in the upper right-hand corner if you’re a fan.

What to Look for from Google Adsense in 2012!

As we move into a new year, you can be sure that Google has a lot of new and exciting plans in store for Adsense users and the way advertising is done online. Through the use of Adsense, not only are web sites of every variation making money, but it’s also a huge resource of traffic and leads for many advertisers online. Of course Google Adsense is also one of the biggest revenue sources for Google as well. With all of that said, you can be rest assured that Adsense will stay a strong and safe way to make money online, with continued improvements and interests from web sites through out the world.

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at and, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on

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