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You guys have all been doing PPC for a while now….Either full time for yourself or for a company, or part time, hell, some of you ever probably do this crap for fun!  I am sure you all also know what its like to “hit the wall.”  PPC accounts can be like that gift you open up on Christmas, and you want to play with it and test out what you can do.  Unfortunately, we all get bored, neglect, then we quit being successful and making money. What to do now? We need to improve and revitalize the accounts!

First things first, Search Engine Reps are there specifically for this type of problem.  It just so happens to be their job to help you make money. Typically, they will be able to give you a third-person objective and a good idea of what could work in the future.  Obviously, you should remember that their end goal is to make money for the search engine, not necessarily for you, but usually advertisers that are successful are always good for the search engine company.

Secondly, you may try looking outside of you little box that you have been trying to fit in.  Do something like landing page testing, adword testing, stupid little additional projects that may go nowhere, but may go big!  How many people in the IT world have started a huge company completely by ACCIDENT?

Please, if you have friends and contacts……USE THEM.  We are in the communication business! We are communicating about sales, products, commodities, etc.  Why not communicate about needs with people that may very well have a vested interest in your success?  If I am hitting a stump in one of my accounts or sites(www.Snowriot.com for instance), I will give John Rampton over here a call and have him look over what I am doing and tell me what I could change.(PS, don’t judge too harshly on that site, that was the first one I ever set up to get my feet wet 😉


I hope that you guys can take this stuff into account when you hit a rough patch.  Do anything it takes to get inspired.  Techcrunch awards shows are a great idea for that, as well!  Take it from us!

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