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There is a tendency for PPC campaigns to target locally to where their business is. The reason for this is because Globalise Your PPC Campaignbusinesses naturally target people close to them. However, it is true that as you expand your market, more people will see what you are advertising that will be interested in it. Therefore, your profits will increase as your target market increases. Many successful businesses tend to look towards expanding their business through a term called globalisation. This is when a business expands globally so that anyone can buy their product. For successful PPC campaigns, globalisation is a strategy that can pay off.


To globalise a PPC campaign, all you will need to do is change your target market and expand so people abroad can view what you are selling. However, to accommodate this new type of traffic, you will need to offer a different service through pay per click advertising that makes it possible for them to buy your product or service:

  • Shipping – Offer shipping options for those abroad.
  • Translate – Your landing page needs to be in the language understandable to those abroad.
  • Currency – The currency should also be the same as the country advertising into.

As you can see, there will need to be a few changes you make to landing pages that are advertising abroad. However, the benefits of globalisation will make all these changes to your campaign worthwhile:

  • Increase in sales – You are basically enabling more people to see what you are trying to advertise. This, in turns, means you will get an increase in sales and more profit. More profit means you can reinvest it into increasing the size of your budget and create PPC campaigns in even more countries.
  • Economies of sale – If you buy more or something, it will get cheaper to buy individually. Therefore, your stock will be cheaper to make/buy meaning you can create a USP of a cheaper price for your product or keep the price of the product the same increasing the profit margin on your product.
  • More Development – Globalisation makes it possible to develop new products and services that are more fitted to different countries and markets.

In essence, globalisation is a good thing that successful PPC campaigns should try to do. Not only does it make you more money but it will also expand your business’s line up of products or services which will help turn your business into one that is truly global.

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