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First things first, happy new year from PPC.org! The start of 2016 often ushers in a flood of New Year’s resolutionsGive Yourself a PPC New Year's Resolution

in a way for people to improve themselves and achieve something for the new year. This is also a great time of year to look back on the last year, as an advertiser, and change a few things about your approach to PPC so that you are that bit more successful during 2016. We have learnt alot about PPC in 2015. Here are some ideas for possible New Year resolution you can adopt for 2016…PPC.org style…


#1 Read One PPC Article Every Other Day

The best way to make sure you are optimizing every part of your pay per click advertising campaign and not making any mistakes is to stay up to date with everything PPC and continually learn about the online advertising platform. You might think this is a lot of articles to read at 3-4 a week. However, if you read one 500+ word article every other day for the next year, it is almost a guarantee that anyone who was not a PPC expert before will have become one by the start of 2017.



#2 Treat PPC as a Business

One of the breakthroughs I had when it came to PPC advertising was when I started to treat a campaign as a business. The problem with millions of advertisers is that they look at PPC as a way to get traffic and that is it. However, PPC is much much more than just that. Pay per click advertising aims to get traffic for a reason such as to sell a book, gain a lead capture or advertise a product or service. Therefore, PPC is not just about getting traffic. It is part of an integrated business plan which ultimately will lead to that business succeeding. Therefore, the sooner advertisers start treating PPC as a business by having a business plan associated to it, the better.



#3 Review 2015

The two above resolutions are kind of generic for any advertiser. But, you may want specific targets to achieve. To do this, review your last year and how you used PPC advertising to your benefit. From this, you can outline the main benefits/pros/positives from using PPC and the main negatives/drawbacks/where you struggled. This makes it possible to learn from your mistakes of last year by setting targets to achieve for 2016. For example, if you had created a campaign which adopted a high CPC rate in 2015, you could review last year and see that the CPC may have been high as you did not have any niche keywords associated to the campaign. From this, you can set yourself a PPC New Year’s resolution to include at least three niche keywords in every PPC campaign you create in 2016 and beyond.

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