PPC Tips Written by 2

For those of you who don’t know PPC marketing is short for Pay Per Click Marketing. PPC marketing is a paid advertising campaign that you can do yourself.

The first step in getting started in PPC marketing is to get the right information and the easiest is with Google’s adwords program. Once you have signed up with this program the Google Adsense site provides a lot of resources to teach you about PPC marketing.

However in order to speed up your PPC marketing training here are 10 tips to help you get started.

1. When deciding on content for your ad use Google’s keyword tool to find out the most popular search terms related to your product or service.

2. Once you have found the best keywords incorporate them into your ads. Make sure the terms are specific to specific products, For example don’t say ‘Icecream’ say ‘Low-fat vanilla ice-cream’. The more specific you are the more likely you are going to get motivated buyers clicking on your ads.

3. Always fine tune your ads making them as targeted as possible. This may include location and price range if necessary.

4. When starting out in PPC marketing I recommend that you use Google’s Adwords program, the most well-known and well-used PPC marketing program on the net and for very good reason; it is simple to use and the most effective.

5. Make sure that you set a budget for your PPC marketing campaigns. The beauty with Google Adwords is that you can set a daily budget quite easily for any amount. This will ensure that you don’t waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars while you are learning to use PPC marketing effectively.

6. Run at least two versions of an ad. This gives you the opportunity to test which version of an ad results in the most sales. Never stop testing your ads because even for your most successful ads, markets and consumers change and you need to change with them.

7. There are many tools available to analyse how your PPC marketing campaign is going. Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are two free tools you can use to track data related to your PPC marketing campaign.

8. Make sure that the link in your ad is linked directly to the product or service you are selling or a special landing page set up just for that product or service. The reason for this is that study after study has shown that the less clicks that it takes for a user to get to want they are after, the more likely it is that they will do the action you want them to do, i.e. you will have more of a chance of making a sale and sales is what your PPC marketing campaign is all about.

9. You need to give your PPC marketing campaign time to get the results you are after. This can be a painful process when you are burning up money on a daily basis. This is why it is important that you continually monitor your ads and tweek them so that you are improving and getting the desired return on your advertising dollar.

10. I recommend that you start off PPC marketing by doing it yourself. Even if you are intending to outsource your PPC marketing to a specialist it is a good idea to learn as much about the program as you can first so that if you do employ someone they have less chance of pulling the wool over your eyes because you have some knowledge of how PPC marketing works. You should also keep in mind that if you do hire someone to do your PPC marketing this is going to be another cost on top of what you will be paying out on a daily basis for your advertising budget.

PPC marketing isn’t hard to do but you should always arm yourself with the right knowledge so that you improve your chances of making at least twice the amount of money that you spend on your PPC marketing campaign. If you can’t make at least this return on investment then you should seriously consider if PPC marketing is the right thing for you. However PPC marketing is an excellent marketing tool and we know it is because every time you go on the web there are ads on the pages and they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t making money for the people who are paying for the ads. So seriously consider running your own PPC marketing, do it properly and watch out for the improvement in your bottom line.

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