getting started with facebook ads on the right footNot too long ago a client of mine said, “I’d like to get involved with facebook ads, but I don’t have tons of money.” This kind of thinking keeps many business owners out of a great source of traffic, leads, and sales. I’ll be showing you how to get started with facebook ads on the right foot. These are the points I’ll cover:

  • picking a budget
  • defining your objectives
  • sticking with a winning ad & frequency

Let’s begin

1. Picking a budget

Done wrong, you will go broke with facebook ads. That’s why I told my client to start with a small budget of $50. However, facebook will never spend more than your allotted budget.  The key here is to start where you can and find a winning ad. Once that winning ad is found, you can increase your budget. Facebook will suggest a big range and picking something within that range will be the foolish thing you can do. Don’t forget that they are a business trying to make money too.

2. Defining your objectives

What are you trying to accomplish with facebook ads? You have a few choices:

On top of that you can add additional objectives. Do you want people to call you? Are you trying to sell a product? Are you trying to generate leads? Get real clear with your objectives. The rest is easy. Facebook gives you all the tools necessary to target your ad towards your ideal consumer and market.

3. Sticking with a winning ad & frequency

This is the best part about facebook advertising. A winning ad would be one that meets your objectives by properly using your budget. If you set your budget to $50 and it didn’t generate leads, sales, likes or traffic, then it’s not a winning ad. However, the rule of split testing is that you need sufficient data to make an informed decision. I tell my clients that we need at least 1-3 weeks of data before we can make changes to their campaign.  Once your ad is meeting your objectives, keep it running, increase your budget, and watch it.

One word about frequency. Marketers incorrectly assume that tons of money spent at one time is the best strategy. Wrong. It’s better to have a smaller reach and run the ad for longer. A few things happen when you do this. Brand recognition and familiarity occur when that audience sees your ad over a period of time. They’ll recognize your page and your logo. They’ll get curious. Find a winning ad and run it for 3-6 months. You’ll be amazed at the results you get.


Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. Follow me on twitter @smorgs13.

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