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As we just enter into the month of November, we have around one and a half months left before Christmas is here. For most Get Ready For Holiday PPC With These Tipspeople, this means the start of a huge spending spree of gifts for family and friends. Some people would have started their shopping spree in October. However, for the majority, it starts now and gets progressively worst as we get closer to Christmas. For this reason, it has never been a better time to start preparing your pay per click advertising campaign for Christmas to gain the benefits of what Christmas does to consumers. Here are some ways you can get ready for holiday PPC.



Use Holiday Keywords

The first step, if you want to innovate your campaign instead of creating an entirely new one from scratch for the holidays, is to implement holiday keywords into your PPC. The best way to do this is brainstorm all the words associated with holidays and see which ones apply most to your campaign. These are the words you can put into your advert to give your advert that holiday twist.



If You Have Shipping, Improve It!

The biggest drawback to buying gifts, online, during the holidays is the shipping time. It may be cheaper and better to buy online. However, if it means the product does not get to you in time for Christmas, then it is pointless buying online and you might as well pay the more premium price of the product in a store. For this reason, make sure your shipping time is at an absolute minimum. By this, 1-2 days.



Increase Your Budget

It goes without saying that the closer it gets to Christmas, the more traffic that surges onto Google. This makes it clear that advertisers should increase their budget to take advantage of this surge in traffic with a genuinely high conversion rate. Advertisers may not like to do this since increasing the budget will increase the overall expenditure for advertising. However, the benefits of gaining more traffic around the holiday season will pay off if the campaign converts the traffic into sales.



Change Your Landing Page

I say again and again that this is one of, if not the, most important aspects of a PPC campaign. Therefore, it is vital to the success of your campaign that you customize and change your landing page to suit the holiday season more. Here are a few quick ideas you can think about putting onto your landing page:

  • Introduce the colour red to your landing page if it is not there already.
  • Snow effects are always a nice touch!
  • Special offers surrounded by Christmas images also work pretty well because it portrays to the web user that the offer is there only because of Christmas.

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