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It’s no secret that pay per click (PPC) advertising is a hot commodity, and that can sometimes come with a cushy salary and job stability. However, if you consider yourself a PPC pro, you also know there’s a lot of competition for the best of jobs. If you’re eyeing a position within a company and want to lean heavily on your experience with this form of advertising, there are a few tricks to master. You need to stand out from the crowd, and it starts with how you present your skillsets.

Start by making it clear in your resume, cover letter and/or elevator pitch how you take a unique approach to PPC, like when you used a third party digital marketing agency during your last PPC campaign. If you don’t have much experience with PPC, but you’re angling for an internship or other entry level position, remember that you’re basically asking to get paid to learn a marketable skill. Here’s how to edge out the competition.

Translate your skills

You need experience in order to get a job, but in order to get that job you need experience; it’s the ultimate catch-22. The reality is that very few people are PPC “experts” and in a constantly evolving field, there’s always something new to learn. Make sure employers see your translatable skills whether it’s a previous position that required heavy attention to detail, strong writing skills or organizational experience. Every PPC pro started off with zero experience, so don’t automatically count yourself out.

If there are ways to prove you’re serious, such as getting that desirable Google AdWords certification, do so. It might seem obvious, but if you just don’t think your competitive chops are up to snuff, it’s a relatively quick and easy (although any Google certification is by no means easy) way to stand out from the crowd. The reality is that those who have oodles of experience and can prove it don’t need it, but you really will learn a lot during the process, you’ll show initiative, and you’ll get to complete the Google Analytics IQ test as an added bonus.

Show that you’re engaged

For those with little to no PPC experience, it might be worth your trouble to get a PPC internship even if it’s unpaid. There’s no comparing to hands-on experience, and no amount of classes or exams are going to prepare you for PPC advertising like the real deal. If you dig deep enough, you’ll surely come across some type of internship and many of them may be virtual allowing you to learn more about PPC while in your yoga pants on the couch. If you really need to get creative, reach out to companies you’re interested in (the Director of Marketing is a good place to start) and simply ask.

Another option might be reaching out to a non-profit and offering your PPC services at no charge. However, if you take this approach, make sure you get your certification first since there won’t be anyone showing you the ropes. Non-profits often have limited options for PPC and may rely on Google Grant Money, but it’s still a valuable learning experience and you’ll get good karma point in the process, too.

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