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Who says the nerds and gamers never get the girls? In a recent study and through the “Gamers Get Girls” infographic below, we will see a comparison between the major dating networks and the top online gaming users and how they compare and differ in size and reactions. If you were to put World of Warcraft and eHarmony up against each other… which do you think would result in more relationships and users? Let’s take a look at the numbers and find out!

How does online gaming stack up against online dating?

  • It’s bigger! The #1 dating web site eHarmony has about 1 million users. The #1 gaming web site, World of Warcraft currently has over 12 million members!
  • The average age of users on dating web sites is 48, while the average gamer age sits at 32.
  • The average online dating user spends only 1.4 hours a month on their dating web site, while 34.6 hours are spent every month playing games online. 74.7% of World of Warcraft players are dating someone else who plays the game. Only 33% of dating site users are dating someone from that site.
  • On, a man contacting 100 women can expect 1 reply back. 42% of women gamers find themselves attracted by another player.
  • World of Warcraft Survey Results 14.9% of players are single, compared to 43% of Americans over 18 are single.

Gamers Get Girls
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