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Google as you and I know it already is the world’s most trusted and smartest search engine and that being said, we can safely assume that it has tons and tons of data in its data center. But sadly enough these data are kept secret and there is no way you can have access to them.


This is pathetic but as I have said before, you simply cannot change this. But wait, Google has some free marketing  tools that can help take a sneak peek into the world of Google and get some real data that can drive your business to success. Ok I understand, you simply cannot stop yourself from exploring them. Ok here it goes –

Google URL Builder

If you are struggling to track visitors coming from different marketing channels, this is the tool that you need to get your hands on. With this amazing tool, you will be able to track links in online ads, emails and almost anything that has a link on it. As the purpose of almost all online marketing activities is to drive as many visitors to the main website as possible, you need to know which marketing activities are working well and which are not and the only way you can track this in Google Analytics is by creating separate URLs for each activity. Create custom URL for specific campaign and then measure the number of visitors that are actually getting converted via that URL and bingo. Now, you can make more informed decision and that too without wasting your valuable time.

Google Trends

Are you finding it tough to figure out the most popular trends? If yes, Google Trend is your way to salvation. This is an incredible tool that will let you analyze key phrases based on their search volumes and geographical associations. You will have a clear view of things like – how search trends change over time, which terms people are searching right now and there is an option that you can try to make a comparison between different search terms.  You can use this tool to figure out what your customers are searching for and you can also take a sneak peek into the future. Marketers at LaFreshSEO [] use this tool while doing keywords research for its clients.

Google Rich Snippet testing Tool

Do you know that you can form an idea of how your post is supposed to look like in search engine result page even before the post is indexed by search engines? Yes, this is possible thanks to the availability of Google Rich Snippest testing tool. If you have included micro format code against your website, you can easily figure out whether or not Google is going show that thing in specific format in the SERP. For say, when you search with terms like Lady Gaga, you can find her singles in appearing in structured format with certain website like – By applying microformat code like this, you can also increase the chances of getting that kinds of coveted snippet appear in Google.

Google Authorship

This is one of the definite ways to make people aware of the fact that you the author of a certain article. And it does not require you to reinvent the wheel. All you got to do is to create a Google Plus profile and then add a link back to the website where you contribute, from Google Plus account’s “Contributor To” section. Once you are done, you need to add a link back to Google Plus profile from the website’s author page as well. It will help Google Understand the relationship between a content and its creator and since all the profiles of the author is co related, hopefully it will give Google more insight on which article should go to the top and which should be at the bottom of the page. Since Google is making a move from links to authorship, you have little option other than implementing authorship for your website.

Google Agent rank

Though this tool has not been released yet, speculations are high since Google has filed a patient for this long ago.  If this gets live, it will take things like context of writing, your relationships and identity while determining the rank of a web page. In all probability, each author will have a rank based on his/her credibility online and this might go a long way to help people find the most relevant content online.

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