It’s always a great value when you find marketers who are giving away free landing page templates. In most cases, they are the actual landing pages that the marketer may have been using for a while now.

One of my most popular posts on my affiliate marketing blog, is my free landing pages post that I created to give away to my blog readers. I created the template for use on my of my own ad campaigns, then created a basic template off that same design. You can see the free template below.

Another great site that is giving away a bunch of free landing pages, is at All of these templates created with simple HTML/CSS design and quite easy to edit. Try them out for different types of ad campaigns and see which work best for you.

Lastly, we have one more featured landing page, and this one is built around an existing PPV dating ad campaign. ProfitAddiction was pulling some nice click through rates and conversions in his initial testing, but has left the real room for profit and monetization up to you.

There are plenty of free landing pages to be found across the web, and it’s really just a matter of taking the time to look around and search for the best ones. In all honesty, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a custom landing page, but most times the most simple and ugly landing pages will convert best!

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at and, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on

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