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You must have heard about Word Press, it is one of the famous and flexible platforms for blogging; also it is very easy to use. With the help of word press you can run your blog free of cost and also management can be done without any professional help. Word press offers Lots of benefits to an individual so it has become an attraction for most of the bloggers. But there are still some people who don’t know even a word about Word Press and still they use HTML websites. This make their website looks dull and unattractive. One must use Word Press as it is very beneficial for running your site. Below are few reasons for the importance:

  1. Simple interface: Word Press provides you a very user friendly and instinctive interface. You can add any type of video, images without any trouble. Formatting and adding new posts can be done effortlessly. Even if you are not having the knowledge of HTML then also you can handle this blogging technique. Only with little information about technology and internet you can start blogging quickly on Word Press.
  2. Incorporate with Website: Integrating blog with any website is a simple job if you are doing it with Word Press. This is because Word Press is very much compatible with various control panels so you can join any blog to any of your website with the features of this blogging tool. You can initiate blogging without any trouble with the help of Word Press and also make sure that your blogging is integrated with your brands and websites.
  3. Cost Effectiveness: by using word press you need not to disturb your bank account as it is free to use. Basically, Word Press is an open source platform which permits you to explore your reviews free of cost. Besides free services, Word Press offers various paid services which can be used to modify the customization and appearance of your blog. But don’t take much pain about the prices as they can be adjusted in anyone’s pocket. In brief you can say that Word Press offers lots of features for giving light to your views and without paying huge amount.
  4.  Highly Customizable: With Word Press you will get a highly customizable platform which offers you to make blog which suits your persona. This blogging tool offers a great flexibility for determining the functioning and look of your blog. Huge collections of themes are offers by these tools so that you can choose anyone according to your style. You can also alter the code so that you can make your website unique. Along with setting the theme you can also define tags, categories and can easily set the colors for your blog. Functioning of your blog can also be changed according to your mood.
  5. SEO Compatibility: SEO is very important for every blog but by using Word Press you can easily make your blog SEO friendly. Huge numbers of options are available on the Word Press with the help of which you can easily optimize the search engine of your blog.


No matter where you are just be ready to blog with word press any time any where as it gives much satisfaction when you put your thoughts in the word press and it gives you delightful results .

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