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Article Marketing is certainly a free technique to drive targeted traffic to any website over the period of time. No matter if you’re promoting an affiliate product or you have an Adsense website and want to rank it for your targeted keywords, so you can enjoy free traffic than you have to write quality articles first and then have to submit all written article to the top articles directories. However, it does not end there. At the end of article, you will have a resource box option which you can use to link back to your money site. In this way with every article you submit, you will get quality back links for you website as well.

So, what are the best article marketing techniques that work? Given below are top 5 article marketing techniques that can help any webmaster in getting the

Write Quality Articles

To begin, you first have to write quality articles that are both for search engines and the targeted audience. Provide quality information that can really add value to your readers and also use your targeted keywords for search engines. But keep in mind do not just overload you articles with keywords as it will harm your all effort in the end because Google hates spamming. Keywords must be smartly placed within the content to really make it looks natural within the article body.

Find Long Tail keywords

Do some keyword research and find some best keyword phrases for your article writing purpose. Ideally a keyword phrase consisting of 3-5 words is ideal to target. Use that keyword phrase in you title as it will help you in getting better search rankings. Normally people use key phrases instead of single keywords to find information about any specific topic. So, using a long tail keyword will help you in getting highly potential visitors who are really interested in that niche.

Keywords Placement

After you have a list of keyword phrase to use in your articles, smartly place them within your article body so it looks natural. It is highly recommended to put that key phrase in the Title, in the opening and closing paragraph of your article.

Be Concise and To the Point

Make certain your article is brief and to the point for the readers to conveniently understand its theme. An ideal article ranges between 300-500 words. A brief but to the point article is liked compared to long ones because, it’s is easily understood. Also ensure it’s appealing enough to make the readers so they click the links in resource box to visit your money site.

Resource Box

Use your creative skills to make your authors resource box appealing to your readers. If the recourse box is not eye catching, they will never click on your links. Use keywords as your anchor text in your resource box. Some article directories allow “do-follow” which means you will also get link juice from those links and hence it will help you to increase the page rank of your website.

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