All you PPC and Search Marketing Goons that perked right up to hear about the Facebook Search Advertising that launched last week, listen up!  I am a fan of Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but it is not Adwords or adCenter. Its closer to traditional Facebook Advertising.  We all know what the typical Adwords ads are, they are on the middle of your screen or off to the right.  Usual stuff, right?

Well……….The Facebook Sponsored Ads are going to show up in the search box, as a suggestion while you are typing.  On top of having no placement options, they cannot be targeted keywords, or link to outside content.  I get it, Facebook is half of the internet, but I don’t always want to be on there.

On the upside, Facebook does have a few different pricing options, CPC or a CPM Model.  Facebook is also a very distracting place, it is easy to get people on a site within Facebook, but it is much easier to convert on an actual landing page than on a Facebook page.  People go to Facebook for information, not to spend money.

Sadly, I have been a bit let down, but it is improvement.

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