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If you have started any sort of social media ppc marketing campaign for your business, you’ve probably set up a Facebook page.  However, once you created it, have you actually done anything with it after you set it up.  It is easy to create the page and ask a few friends to like it, but it is difficult to keep the page active and successfully marketing your product or business.

On the web there are some very valuable tips of how to create a killer Facebook business page to market your business, but one thing that goes beyond a tip sheet is the creation of a Facebook marketing “voice.”  Your Facebook page is a chance for your business to have an engaging, fun personality.  It lets your customers and fans know a little bit of how you want your business represented.  Because of this, you should take the time to determine what you want to express through this channel, and what type of image you want to broadcast.

Before you start posting, have a team meeting within your company to determine who will be the point person. Even if people work for the same company, different individuals have different ways of expressing the same message, and the public can tell the difference.  Appoint a social media leader, and this person should be the primary person that posts status updates for the company.  This doesn’t have to be the person in charge of programming changes on the page, but it should be the person that responds to comments left on the page and the person who chooses which photos are posted.  This consistency will go a long way to creating a unified voice for your company.  Of course, if you are a one or two person company, this step seems unnecessary, but you might want to consider outsourcing this to an intern or a part-time employee.  If you try to take the task on, above and beyond your regular duties, it could fall by the wayside. What you don’t want is to start a page and not keep it updated.

Once you have determined who should be the social media leader, you should determine how often you want the company to post.  Do your customers want to hear from you every day?  Only when you have a big news?  When you are sharing about a discount or sale?  This is something that can vary widely between companies, and you will have to decide what fits your brand best.  But remember, even trivia questions about mayonnaise can be interesting to some people.  If you own a mayo company, and someone has taken the time to become a fan of your page, they are probably interested in something that you post about your special mayonnaise.  This may be something that you learn from trial and error, instead of knowing exactly what you want to do from the outset.  Take advantage of the statistics that Facebook provides you, and see what is working and not working.

The most important thing you can do is to keep at it.  If you develop and interested and active fan base through your page, they are captive customers.  Don’t leave them hanging after engagement.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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