Facebook users now feel a little bit stifled as they can only do one action on an item – clicking on the ‘Like’ button. But things are changing for the better. Very soon there will be more than 10 Action apps that will allow a user to choose from a wide range of declarations. This is indeed good news for the advertisers. Now you will be able to ‘watch’ a video on a hotel or even ‘read’ about the latest travel package. This would mean more penetration for the travel companies. In a few days time you will be using these apps for sharing coupons or even declare that gardening you favorite past time. In the f8 developer conference that was held last year Facebook made a promise of bringing out new apps. The promise has been kept. Facebook has recently announced the launch of as many as 60 new apps to be used on the site. The users will be able to interact more with the Facebook content with the help of new buttons that are set to join the ‘Like’ button.

This means that previously you could only ‘Like’ the latest movie but now you can claimed to have ‘watched’ it too. Some more verbs will soon be added like ‘Listen’, ‘Want’ and ‘Own’. These verbs are actually known as ‘Actions’ in Facebook.

Everyone Will Get An App

Facebook has tied-up with several well-known websites like Spotify, Rotten Tomatoes, Pineterest and Trip Advisor. In fact the social networking website has opened its platform for all developers. It is expected that very soon there will be apps to cater to every kind of interests. There will be an app for you if you love snowboarding, gardening or hiking. To put it simply, user will now able to share whether they are ‘Snowboarding’ or ‘Planting a new tree’. Unfortunately, there is no further information available as Facebook is not willing to divulge any further information.

Problem With ‘Like’

The main problem with the ‘Like’ button is that it is too limiting. Someone who has watched the move ‘The Ring’ may not have actually liked it but there is no such button at present to express his dissatisfaction. So Facebook has actually opened up a range of emotions.

These apps will not be bereft of benefits. People will be enticed to spend more time on the site and it will also help the advertisers to get more precise information about the number of users. Advertisers will embrace these changes from Facebook as they will get more data. Travel companies are expected to benefit a lot when more buttons like ‘Read’ and ‘Visited’ are added apart from the sole ‘Like’ button.


No doubt, it will be. These new apps will present a certain level of confusion to the users. Too many verbs could lead to a confused state. For example, if you have just roasted a chicken and want to inform your connections through the Facebook, then you could either choose ‘Roasted’ , ‘Cooked’ or the plain, old ‘Like’.

This guest post was written by Alia Haley, a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of cell phones, fancy accessories and watches. These days she is busy in writing articles on Healthy lifestyle and Gi Joe Action Figures.

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