According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook could be going public as soon as April 2012.  People that are close to the deal Facebook is aiming to raise $10 billion in an IPO.  This would put Facebook at $100 billion dollar evaluation. This is pretty much the same as a report back in June that showed that Facebook was looking to raise the $10 Billion. If the Facebook’s IPO happens it will be one of the largest in history.  If you remember Google back in 2004 was at $23 billion.  It doesn’t even come close.

While rumors are suggesting that it could happen as early as April many people close to the matter state that it will be more like September 2012.  Still, that’s pretty soon, only 10 months from now we could see Facebook going public.

The Wall Street Journal‘s sources cautioned that Facebook has not made any final decisions in its internal discussions about the timing of its filing and that market conditions will ultimately determine how much money the company seeks and the value of the company.

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