By Ekekiel Marshall

Ok Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s sessions were going to take a look at Facebook advertising

Not only am I going to show you how it works, but were also going to learn some crafty techniques that will allow you to find your best audience so you can generate high quality leads from one of the leading traffic sources whilst driving down the ad cost so you can get leads for pennies on the dollar.

Now the methods I’m about to share have allowed me to drive quality traffic for 2 of my own book titles as well as my own video courses including the popular marketing chemistry series and have helped some of my students promote both affiliate and their own products, so these are proven methods that you can use to drive traffic for any product.

Ok, to make Facebook advertising work, you have to know your target audience, this includes interests and demographics, as I mentioned before it’s crucial to know this information before you run your first ad. Now there are methods for engaging your target audience on Facebook

Fan pages

Fan pages rely on building a following through likes and shared posts. This is referred to as the credo technique, because its works based on building relationships with an audience who share the same beliefs and interests.

This is a good way to build relationships; this is essential step to making any sale, because if your prospect cannot relate to you and your product, you cannot hope to make the sale this is also a good way to subtly retarget your audience with new offers and promotions without seeming pushy and annoying. Facebook fan pages are also required to run Facebook desktop ads (which we will discuss a little later).

Here’s an example of a Facebook fan page

Fan page ex

This is a Facebook fan page for car loans for Canadian citizens. Like I said earlier with a Facebook fan page, you can build and connect with your target audience. As you can see the page has 27 likes, which means 27 people have liked this page so anything you post using this page will be shown to these 27 people. The beauty of this is, when somebody likes a page, a notification is shown to other people on the friends list.

Imagine this scenario

If person A likes a page and person B is on person A’s friend list so he gets a notification, person B also likes this page, and person C is on person C’s friend list so he gets a notification, and person C likes this page, then our page has the potential to spread through the network.

A good tip to remember, is when promoting a fan page try get somebody who is a “celebrity figure” in your niche(somebody who has a huge following) to like your page, this is one the easiest ways to make your page viral so as you can see the power of Facebook fan pages can be extremely powerful when harnessed properly.

Here’s the trick you can use if want to build out a brand, but you aren’t fully established yet…

Create a fan page about a celebrity figure or trending topic in your market. Build the page out to a couple thousands likes and then encourage followers to like your branded fan page. For example, if you tried to create our own brand weight loss fan page right now, chances are nobody would buy because they don’t know us from “Adam…”

However, if you build out a page based on an established figure like “Julian Michaels” and the page gets a lot of likes and has an active following (you do this by posting interesting and engaging content regularly) then you can share your offers and branded page, naturally what happens is people will start liking and sharing the page because it was recommended by an “authority” this is a great way to build out a brand on Facebook fan page quickly

Facebook ads

Now let’s look at another method of advertising on Facebook

ad on fb

This is a personal favorite of mine for targeting new potential customers

potential customers

As you can see we have several options including promoting apps, raising awareness for an event, promote a video and even promoting your fan page (which we’ve already discussed)

But for this example were going to focus on driving traffic to a webpage outside of Facebook.

Facebook ads allow you to target people by locations, age, gender, interests and Facebook activities

So assuming you have some demographics to work with we can target our ideal audience for your offer

target audience

Take a look at the example above it’s focused on
United kingdom, Canada, Australia, United States

In an age range of 18-65

Gender is both men and women

“Interests” are considered keywords in Facebook ads
So focus on keywords relevant to your niche

Example aerobic exercise

It even allows us to list peoples behaviors whilst using Facebook

In this example, Facebook payments (all the people who have purchased through Facebook)

facebook payments

Now we move on to the budget, I recommend using a fairly low budget to begin with, so try $10-15 per day for starters, just to test how the well the ads are doing if the ads are underperforming then consider this a safety measure so it don’t lose a lot of money. Setting the budget really high to begin with, will get your ads approved a lot quicker, $100 a day is usually a good amount Facebook tends to focus on the ad campaigns that are willing to spend the most money and usually focus on them first. It’s up to you to lower the budget once the ads are approved, otherwise you could lose a lot of money fast

As you can see in the example there’s a few options

budget ads

Facebook use their own special algorithms to determine how to distribute your ads based on users personal details and behaviors.

They are all fairly self-explanatory, but for sake of these examples were going to focus on “clicks”

You have two options when it comes to your pricing strategy. You can either:

A) Set a bid of how much you are prepared to pay per click

Example if you set the bid to a max of 60 cents, you won’t pay more than 60 cents per click, which is easier to measure your ad spend, however if your bid is too low, the ad may not be shown that often because there are higher bids for your audience

B) Get more clicks at the best price
This option uses a Facebook algorithm to determine the best price for your ad. If your ad is getting a high ratio of clicks to views (click through rate) the less Facebook will charge you per click and vice versa.


Here’s an example of an ad campaign that uses “get more clicks at the best price”

As you can see the ads with the highest “click-through rate” (CTR) are also have the cheapest clicks
This is how it works in a CPC scenario, Facebook make money every time your ad is clicked, so if your ad is getting plenty of clicks,

Facebook are getting paid so they reward you by charging us less per click, however if your ad is being shown but it’s not getting any clicks, then that’s ad space that could have been used by somebody else, so you’ll be charged more as a result. This is why it’s crucial to make sure we have ads that are performing well it’s not always easy to tell how effective your ad will be so I’m going to teach you a technique that will help you to create more effective ads.

Running Facebook ads

When running Facebook ads, you want them to stand out, that’s one of the key elements to creating effective ads because it doesn’t matter how good your ad copy is, if you can’t get the reader’s attention they will never see what you have to offer. So you need to use nice eye-catching images that are relevant to your offer, you also need to make sure your content is relevant to the page you are sending your audience to, otherwise you could be penalized by Facebook.

Once you are ban from Facebook it becomes extremely difficult to run ads in the future, so be clear on the guidelines before you run any ads.

facebook ban

Here’s an example of an ad that is not allowed on Facebook, the reason this ad is prohibited is because over 25% of the image is text and that is against Facebook rules.

facebook rules

This ad could be run on Facebook, because the image doesn’t contain any text, nudity or anything obscene and the copy doesn’t involve “make money online”, “sexual”, “gambling” or “money guarantees.”

Note: The external page where your ad is sent to also needs to be congruent to the ads you run on Facebook, so if you’re running a weight loss diet ad, then the page our audience is sent to, also needs to be about weight loss diets

Now we’ve established what a good ad looks like, let’s focus on how we can drive the price of traffic down using Facebook tools and resources.

So when you run your first set of ads you want to use a series of different ads to see which is working best with our audience. So let’s say you let your ad run for 1-2 days spending a total of $15-30

Then we’ll pause the ads and check the stats, then you need to analyse how well your ad is performing using Facebook reports, this is also going to show your best demographic.

fb reports

Take a look at the data I have compiled from Facebook reports. As you can see, using this information you can find out which ad is working best with an particular audience. This is important because, it will help you get more clicks for your ads so, you can drive down the cost of each ad.

As you can see from the example, it shows males aged 45-54 is our best demographic with ad number 4 getting the best clicks, so with this information you can “fine tune” your ad to match your best demographic, because like I said earlier the more specific you can make your ad, the more money you will make.

Your objective is to have your ideal audience see your ad and say, “This was made for me…” if your ad can generate this kind of response, then you can expect to make some good returns on your investment.

This concludes today’s tutorial, I know this will help you create some very profitable campaigns in the very near future.

Author Bio: Ezekiel Marshall

“As well as an AWAI Graduate Ezekiel Marshall is the creator of the “marketing chemistry video training series” and a published author of the popular title “breaking the barrier to online marketing”, he is also the CEO of Seb Mac Advertising & Consultancy specializing in helping cosmetic practice owners get more leads and close more patients”

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