In Google Adwords you will find Dimensions.  Dimensions is a very easy way for you view and segment your campaign performance.  Dimensions will allow you to segment the dimensions of your account by your choice across an ad group, a campaign, or your entire account.  Dimensions Allow you To Segment Your Data by time, conversions, reach and frequency, destination URL, demographic, geographic, search terms, automatic placements, free clicks, call details.

You can use Dimensions to view statistics that cut across AdWords tabs. For example, you can view total stats by month, hour, or geographic region.  All this is very easy to use and see in a single report.

I personally use the dimensions tab for the “Search terms” button in the dimensions tab.  The search terms tab allows you to see every word, keyword, or keyword phrase that is searched through Google.  Now you can see on the right hand side (I blurred out clients keywords) all the keywords that people are searching online.  I use this to see the words and create new AdGroups and new landing pages that are specifically catered toward what people are searching in Google.

When you know what people are searching it will help you cater your message specifically towards them.  The more specific pages you have that are specific to your clients, the more you will be able to get them to convert to your site.  When you know that 90% of your traffic came from two or three different keywords or keyword phrases you can build a page for them.  When you do this and seperate out that traffic you will lower your costs, get higher quality scores, and overall have a much better overall account.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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