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Continuing the ‘A Complete Explanation Of PPC’ series, last article in the series looked at the landing pages in PPC campaigns, An Explanation Of Text Adverts In PPCwhat they are, how they are used and how to effectively create and optimise one to achieve the best results.  Since I always say that one of, if not the, most important element to a PPC campaign is the landing page since this is where the conversion takes place, it would be a good idea to look at the article to get a few helpful tips about landing pages from it. In this article, I will be looking at the typical PPC text advert used most on search results and everything to know about them too.


The text advert in PPC is a structure of text that displays information about a topic an advertiser wants to spread awareness about. With this in mind, the text advert in PPC has a certain layout:

  • Title – This is the area most web users will read first since it is the largest font size and usually bold. The title has the objective of grabbing the web user’s attention which means it usually does not hold much information compared to the description.
  • Description – The description is the part which explains the contents of what the advertiser is trying to spread awareness about a bit more. You will usually find that good advertisers tend to stick a call to action in the description to evoke an action from the web user.
  • URL – To finish off the text advert, a URL is displayed underneath the description. The great thing about PPC text adverts is that they enable the advertiser to change the URL to whatever they want. Therefore, if you want to make the URL sound more catchy than it actually is, you can.

Every single advert in PPC will have at least these three elements to the advert. What you will start to see more of is extra elements being added to make the advert appeal more:

  • Extra links to other areas of the the website (this can be seen that the advert has multiple landing pages).
  • Google+ link.
  • Ratings which show customer reviews of the website from 0-5 stars.

This level of customization to PPC adverts make getting a click much easier, resulting in campaigns that have a much healthier CTR than before.


When it comes to optimising a PPC text advert, advertisers need to remember what they want to achieve: a better CTR with more relevant traffic. Therefore, the aim is to make sure only the best traffic clicks on the advert and lots of them click on it too. This can be achieved a few ways:

  • Make the contents of it specific so that only people that are genuinely interested in clicking on the advert end up clicking on it with the intention of a conversion.
  • Don’t over pack the advert with information since you want to the web user to click onto it to find out more information about the advert’s contents.
  • Include at least two call to actions in the advert: preferably one in the title and one in the description.

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