If you’re a blogger or an organization, then a big challenge is to increase the number of users on your website. Traffic defines how good your business doing online. SEO is one of the most important techniques that increase organic and quality traffic to your website. In the new era of digitalization, every organization wants to increase its online ranked and ranked at the top. Seo is also useful to have an effective user experience and to build trust and credibility. So in this article, I cover some Expert SEO tips and techniques that boost your website traffic. Here are expert tips:

Create Shareable and quality content

Content is the king of online marketing. According to Piyush Jain Founder of Simpalm, Content plays an important role in the ranking of your website if you have a quality content that increases the engagement of users and they can share your content on different platforms then you have a better chance to display top on search engine according to Google algorithms. Every business organization work to improve its content that increases competition in the market so you have to write unique and quality content. Several people write on the same topic so your content has to stand out from them. Quality content includes Thought leadership articles or blog posts on your websites to increase organic traffic. Your website must be well organized, different web pages or blogs of your website must have different content to avoid internal competition. Also, you should update your content regularly because of google crawl checks for the update to have the best result for users.

Focus on LSI keyword

Using LSI keywords is the latest technique to increase rank on search engines and boost website traffic. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing keywords, that are used by Google and other search engines to understand the topic of the webpage or blog. If Google or search engine find a keyword in the title, description, and the number of time in the content of your webpage then google easily recognized the topic of the page according to the keyword. But today Google is much smarter, now google finds LSI keywords in your content to understand the page topic. If you use LSI keywords in your content and image then search engines easily figure out the topic of the webpage and rank it on related queries

Blog Regularly

According to Amit Agarwal, Technical Blogger, Blog on the website is the most effective technique to boost website traffic. A website blog displays informational content according to website niche in chronological order with a new post that appears first. If you want to increase the visibility and credibility of your website then you have to write quality content regularly that is helpful for visitors.  

A website with blogs generates more traffic as compared to a website without blogs reason behind this is a blog provides you a platform to add fresh and new content regularly which helps to increase the rank on the search engine. Some more reasons why a website needs blogs are It convert traffic into leads, Build a relationship with potential customers, drive long term result and many more. 

Optimize your website using meta tags

Meta tags are the most important and impact-full factors that need to be optimized to boost website traffic. Meta tags include Tile and meta Descriptions. The title of the webpage is the clickable link appear on the search engine result, you must include keywords in your title and it should not be more than 70 characters according to google.

The meta description appears just below the title on the search engine result. It is the first impression of your webpage on the user that decides either to click or not to click on the link. If you optimize your meta description effectively than you have more traffic. 

Proper Internal links

Internal links are those pointing from one page to another in the same domain. Internal links help Google to properly crawl and index the page, if it is done strategically then it increases the page authority and helps in improving the ranking of the website.

If you publish a new page on your site and there is no internal or external link pointing to that page and it is also not in your sitemap, then it is difficult for Google to find and index the page. So if you properly link your webpages using a relevant anchor text that will boost your website traffic.

Quality incoming links

Quality incoming links mean backlinks from high authority sites or blogs. Google gives more attention to the website that has lots of quality backlinks and this will help you to drive more traffic. Some important factors that will be considered before working on backlinks are links with relevant sites that published quality content, paid backlinks are not good according to google, and backlinks should be built slowly, if you generate backlinks so quickly then more chance to penalized by the search engine.
You can list your business with a good description, to the listing sites to get quality backlinks and also update your information continuously to get traffic. Some other techniques to build quality backlinks are:

  • Guest Posting 
  • Press release
  • Broken link building
  • Resource page link building

Social media Engagement

Social media is a very effective platform to increase your website’s online appearance and to create brand value. Create your profile on social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c. and share valuable content to boost traffic. Some tactics to increase traffic from social media are:

  • Use Image in your post
  • Make Funny Post
  • Feedbacks and Reviews
  • Promote post with Emoji’s
  • Share Statistics post
  • Add live video

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