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Backlinks are extremely helpful in improving a website’s rank in the Google Search Pages. Backlinks have a prominent impact on a website’s ranking. Multiple factors are taken into consideration by the search engines while calculating the rankings, backlinks happen to be one of them. However, one cannot accurately say how much weight do backlinks hold while calculating the rankings, but it is certainly important, and must not be ignored. Make the most of the reliable services from a reliable SEO company in India. 

It is mandatory that the backlinks are natural and not fake. The quality of the link is considered very important rather than giving importance to the number of backlinks a website has, which means that a website should not falsify backlinks or create backlinks for their own website. To understand better, consider backlinks to be a conversation between the websites.  

Malicious practices to avoid in order to gain backlinks 

Since backlinks are an integral part of SEO rankings, many website owners follow bad practices to backlink their websites. These practices are not recognized by the search engines, and they deindex and penalize websites involved in such malicious practices. Selling backlinks, purchasing of backlinks and link exchange networks are few of the practices not recognized by the search engines.   

How to gain the most from backlinks to help a website? 

Linking a website with backlinks is not enough to gain a higher ranking on google search pages. There are a few factors to consider. Firstly, the optimization of the website should be thoroughly done. During the optimization, ensure that there are no technical errors on the website. Fix each and every technical error. Technical errors hurt the user experience. And hurting user experience will certainly draw all the potential organic traffic growth away from your website as Google will certainly be limiting it.  

Secondly, make sure that the overall structure of the website is improved. A reliable and powerful architecture ensures the effectivity of the backlinks on the website’s profile. Be sure to update all website changes and errors, whenever they occur. Be informed about any changes in the websites, so that prompt action is taken.  

Lastly, make sure that the content shared on your website is unique and valuable, with no duplication. Duplicate content is penalized by Google, and it drastically affects the rankings of the website. Plus, low-quality content is surely going to ruin any SEO campaign one is backing for.  

Tips to relevant SEO backlinks  

These are a few easy tips that will increase the daily organic traffic flow on the website. 

It is important to keep the backlinks to the website relevant to it. Adding irrelevant does no good but can cause harm in the long run. The relevancy of the backlinks depends on the general topic of the content of the connecting domain, the appropriateness of the backlinks which hit the domain, and the core of the linking page.  

Concentrate on the website, which has more traffic. Again consider quality over quantity.  

Benefits of Backlinks for SEO 

When it comes to analyzing the algorithms by Google, high-quality backlinks are important factors to consider. They are and will continue to be the deciding factors that help in pushing the website to the top of the search engine results. While link building strategies using backlinks are solely carried out for the purpose of search engine optimization, there are several additional benefits of the same that you should know about. 

Some fo the top-end benefits of backlinks in addition to SEO are: 

  • Building Brand Authority: Getting links to your website on popular websites online not only helps with improved SEO, but it also helps in establishing a reliable brand authority online. High-quality links to other famous portals help in drawing the attention of the potential customers by effective association. This can also help your company in being presented as an important source of information within the given industry. 


  • Driving Steady Referral Traffic: Your entire web traffic is not known to originate solely from Google, Bing, and other leading search engines. Referral traffic is also an integral aspect implying that people are clicking on relevant links within the content while being taken to the content that has been linked. High-quality links on other sites experiencing immense traffic can ensure targeted referral traffic to your site as well. 


  • Creating New Relationships: When someone comes across a good piece of content, and observes a backlinking to its creator or source, there are higher chances that your site will receive traffic from the given users. This could eventually lead to the user joining your newsletter or performing some other type of expected action. 

SEO from a reliable SEO company in India, has many tactics up its sleeves, and backlinks are one of them which cannot be ignored. If the backlinks are done correctly then chances are the website will rank sooner than later.  

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