Some times the world of online marketing and how much of a difference simple changes and split testing can make on ad campaigns and registration forms is just insane! It’s an older article, but ConversionVoodoo did a great write up on how Expedia was able to increase their profits by $12 million dollars just by removing one simple field from their form area. Take a look at the screenshot below to see if you spot the difference.

After looking at the two variations for a moment you will notice that the only difference is that the “Company Name” field was removed. Who would have thought such a small and simple change could make such a huge difference.

ConversionVoodoo goes on to state the following:

Why was changing this field so critical?

Because that single field broke the flow of their entire UI:

  • When visitors see the “Company” field, they were confused.
  • Visitors thought Expedia meant they should put in their Bank name.
  • Users then put their’s Bank’s address into the billing fields.
  • This led to failed transactions, which led to abandons.

Make sure you visit the full article at ConversionVoodoo as they also go into detail on some of their recommend software to perform split testing of your own, and how you can make simple changes like this to your registration process to increase conversions and roi.

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