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If there is one thing that all online marketers discover it’s that the internet is global. If you are only focusing your efforts on the United States or your own individual country, then you are missing out big time. Just take a look at the recent Facebook numbers and you will see that the global reach is everywhere.

Facebook Stats by Country

More importantly than the number of users from each country, is the percentages of growth outside the US. Countries like Brazil and India are just exploding with new internet users every month.

ROIfestival is an internet marketing and business conference that is held in Shanghai, China. (A great excuse to go if you’ve never been to China!) In it’s 6th year, the event has drawn the attention of over 4,000 visitors along with over 100 keynote speakers. These sessions cover everything from online marketing, B2B / B2C business and the future of online business and marketing.


While the United States is where internet and affiliate marketing really started to book, the rest of the world is still catching up. The big name events that are know throughout  the US are Affiliate Summit, CES, BlogWorld / NMX, PubCon, SES, AdTech and many others. While most of these events focus on their US reach, it’s events like ROIFestival that will grow the presence of internet marketing and business through out other countries and help expand everyone’s eventual reach.

Andrew Robertson Chairman of BBDO globalAndrew Robertson, the CEO of BBDO Global speaking at the 6th ROIfestival.

By connecting with new businesses, brands and online marketers outside of the US it allows for everyone to learn more and expand their ad campaigns and businesses outside of their comfort zones. Imagine how much business you could be doing if you were reaching your target audience throughout the world and not just within your existing country?

<Business Creativity> Set a New Era

One of the major features of the event is to spread awareness about business creativity and theory. The book <business creativity> was written by Onicek He, who is also the founder and chief organizer of ROI Festival.

Business Creativity Book

As many of us already know and experience first hand, creativity is what makes marketing on the internet different than any other business model. You are free to creative ad campaigns and target to different outlets throughout the world in any means you like. Of course the most courageous and creative minds are the ones who are creating multi-million dollar companies and forging way for more brilliant ideas and innovations online.

To learn more about ROIFestival and expanding your reach around the globe, you can follow them through their Facebook page at or through their web site at

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