Looking at real life campaigns is always a good idea for PPC advertisers to do. The part 1 to this article had a look at a search advert from Sony and M and M for which we found that Sony’s advert was a bit too cluttered and M and M’s advert was well optimised.

Continuing where part 1 left off, here are some more real life examples of search adverts in pay per click advertising with both the main pros and cons to each advert.




SellMyMobile PPC Advert


  • They have included their URL in the title since it is very catchy and says exactly what the website is about. This will help more direct traffic to the landing page and even more referrals.
  • The ad extension they have used is site links. They are links, but they have been very clever with how they have used them. By including ‘UK’s No. 1’ and ‘As see on TV’ makes it clear that they must have good reviews to be ranked #1 and be seen on TV. Therefore, just from the links they have used, they have included good reviews and a good brand image within sitelinks – very clever!
  • The description makes clear they compare websites that let you sell gadgets. It is great they mentioned this as comparison sites for just about anything are becoming more and more popular.


  • Comparison websites usually include some sort of figure to entice the web user further. Yes, SellMyMobile mentioned they compare 30+ buyers. However, how much extra money an they make web users? An extra 5%? 10%? We don’t know how good their service really is.
  • The whole description is a call to action. However, I do feel that a short and sweet call to action needs to be in their advert at the end of the description like ‘Try now!’
  • SellMyMobile may have benefited more from using different types of ad extensions such as a seller rating extension or review extension to prove to unsure web users that the people that have used their services were impressed with them.

SellMyMobile has an advert that will provide a good CTR. However, from the cons, there are still a few areas of the advert that could change to help boost its performance.




Wonga PPC AdvertPros

  • The seller rating extension has been used which shows that Wonga is rated very highly by its consumers.
  • The description is different to the ones we have looked at in adverts in the past. The first line to the description clearly describes Wonga’s service with a call to action at the end. The second line then includes phrases to entice the web user into clicking on the advert separated by ‘…’.
  • Since the description is slightly longer than normal, the title of the advert is shorter and simpler to accommodate this. The title is great at getting the web user’s attention.


  • There really isn’t any noticeable cons!

Wonga’s advert is a great. They have all the elements which make up a good advert and have removed anything that would hinder its performance (such as the interest rate at an incredible 5953% APR!). They have made an advert that is capable of luring the web user into clicking on it.

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