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The pay per click search advert can be seem to the heart of PPC advertising. Without them, PPC would seriously struggle to existThe Elements That Make A Successful PPC Search Advert. As well as this, you will find that the majority of advertisers of PPC will have search campaigns as their main type of campaign. There are main reasons why PPC search adverts are so used in PPC as compared to image advert campaigns. One of these reasons is because PPC search adverts are so easily optimised and able to change to adapt to the advertiser’s objectives and needs. So here are some of the many elements that make a PPC advert successful.


  • Call to Actions – Generally speaking, the most successful adverts will have at least one call to action in it (in either the title or the description). If you are really keen on call to actions, you could have one CTA in the title and one in the description.
  • Numbers – Web users love numbers as it is a simple way to compare and understand something. For example, if you are the cheapest price for something, make clear of it! If you have a special discount, mention what value discount! Numbers take up minimal space and go such a long way in PPC search adverts.
  • Symbols – Symbols are a great way of adding a little something extra to a PPC campaign. For example, if you want to add a sense of urgency to an advert, you could put an exclamation mark at the end of the description. If you want to break up the description into two sections, you can do so with a hyphen.
  • Capital Letters – It is a must to always use capital letters for the first letter of every single word in a PPC search advert. As well as making it easier to read, it adds a touch of professionalism to the whole advert which is something web users want to see before clicking onto an advert.
  • Ad Extensions – Ad extensions are a great way to optimise your advert by adding an extra element to the structure of the campaign. This will help display more information to the web user (you can choose what information to show by choosing what ad extension to use) which usually results in a better CTR.
  • Custom Domain Name – PPC is great in the sense that it allows you to change the display domain name to whatever you want. For this reason, it is a good idea to change it to something that will help the advert convert. If you do not want to do this, make it the homepage of your landing page so the web user can still reach your website if s/he does not click on the advert by going direct from remembering the domain name in the advert.

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