The landing page is an important aspect to all businesses because it is the area which either gains a conversion for the business or Elements To Consider When Creating A Landing Pagenot. This is why, in pay per click advertising, I tend to view the landing page as one of most important and vital element of the whole campaign. For this reason, I have always tried to do an in depth analysis of how advertisers can make an optimised and effective landing page (which is one of the reasons for creating the ‘How to Optimise ANY PPC Landing Page‘ series). However, what I have realised I have failed to mention in my previous articles are the general elements advertisers and web designers need to consider in the general creation of landing pages. Therefore, here are some elements you should consider when you create your own landing page.



What Devices Will View It?

There is no point to creating a landing page for desktops if all of the traffic is coming from mobile devices. You need to know what type of devices your traffic is using. From this, you can create a campaign which will be optimised for that device.

If you find that many different devices view your landing page, it is wise to create different landing pages for different devices. This mean when a desktop computer views your landing page, they will go to the desktop version of your landing page. When a mobile device views your landing page, they will go to the mobile optimised version of it and so on..



What Colours Are Going To Be On Your Landing Page?

Colours are extremely important in PPC because each colour subconsciously means different things. For example, for their landing page to create a sense of urgency since they were trying to promote their boxing day sales. What colour you choose for your landing page is entirely your choice. However, I would recommend you have a look at just exactly what each colour subconsciously means to people before you choose your colours.



Font Style and Size?

I have been blogging for quite a long time now and I still get confused over what fonts and sizes are the best for reading! For your landing page, the ultimate objective for your font style and size is to make it as easy for web users to read without being too big. It is a common fact that the bigger the font size, the easier it is to read. However, with size comes a sacrifice of space on your landing page. I tend to find that Arial is one of the most used fonts out there (and, therefore, a safe font style to go for) and depending on how important the text is to read depends on how large the font size should be. For example, terms and conditions are always so small because they are not important (or the website doesn’t want to make them seem important!).


I hope this article will make advertisers and web designers who are creating landing pages realise that there needs to be a lot of thought that needs to go into the creation of a landing page. You will never create a perfect landing page on your first go. Look at how successful it is with Google Analytics stats and improve it from there.

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