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The Pay per Click business is a relatively recent method of directing views to your online site and hence, earning money in the process. The theory is basically the same as a billboard advertisement. You pay another company to display your site on theirs; hence, every person visiting that the site has a chance of visiting yours. Unlike a conventional advertisement, however, you are only charged for those ads that are actually clicked upon by someone. PPC Tips

Many online businesses fail to include this method of gathering views in their site and choose to go about business advertising with the common SEO-type advertisement. However, if used properly, the PPC method is far more reliable, cost effective, and powerful, and can prove a powerful tool in developing the presence of any online business so that you can earn money with PPC ads.

While there are many that offer the services, the best PPC (pay per click) sites are those that generate a large number of views for themselves. This is obvious as more views coming into a parent site, the more chances someone will click your ad; hence, choosing a site with a large user base is crucial. Also, the relevance of the site to your product is important.

If you choose to advertise yourself on some other site, you have to at least make sure that visitors visiting that the site will find your site interesting as well. Hence, the most lucrative sites to advertise a PPC ad is ‘search engine’. Many search engines use PPC ads to generate all their revenues and are especially good at generating page views.

The best of the PPC tips would be to choose services that have been used throughout the age of PPC marketing particularly:

  1. Google Adwords – The oldest and most famous, it can be called the harbinger of the PPC age. Google Adwords display advertisements at the top of the search results thereby increasing the chance for a click. This is the favored option by users new to the PPC scheme because it does not require spending a fortune on your ads. It is a simple text ad service, and it has a system of bidding on ads and keywords. The higher you bid, the more frequent your ads and the better the keywords.
  2. Bing – Bing is the search engine that recently rose in popularity, and with it, so did its PPC system. Because Bing is new, they are charging much less than Google Adwords, even with constantly growing popularity. It offers options to target specific age groups or genders, something which Google does not offer. With the probable Bing-Yahoo merger, the targeted group is potentially huge. Bing PPC is obviously the better choice; however, for traditionalists, Google is a pretty good bet as well.

When a user uses their search engine for a query, the engine displays results relating to that query, and also small PPC ads at the side or top of the results. These advertisements are chosen by the search engine to be relevant to the query, and hence, there is a large chance that the searcher will click on them.

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