Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) in your marketing plans and strategies are a need for all online businesses today. It is a challenge though to know what strategy will grab your audience’s attention and will make your business successful.

Some of these e-commerce strategies for marketing are working on the audience reach of your social media pages, producing relevant and fascinating content, and managing a fully working Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.

Spending a lot of time for practicing and implementing ROI can greatly improve your business. Here are some best tips that can improve your ROI.

Revisit your PPC Campaign

Remember that your Google AdWords account should not be ignored in your e-commerce marketing plan because it can help you create a perfect PPC campaign for your business.

Many of Google advertisers usually forget to log in their AdWords. Usually, they only log in once or twice per month. Hypothetically, you should log in to your account once a week to ensure everything is working in a place and to look for foreseeable faults for your campaign.

Your ad group structure ensures that it will work. It is necessary for your PPC success, and it will return with your ads being visible to your target audience in the right moments online. Ad groups are made into themes and content based on your campaign’s keywords. Producing many ad groups with more significant keywords can give you a higher Click Through Rate (CTR). It can make you project your most significant ads where your visitors and searchers will be most likely to see them.

Do not be like many advertisers and owners where they are stuffing their business’ keywords in one or two AdWords. You should allow time and effort into making your PPC campaign in perfect shape for your business.

Produce Quality Content

One of the basics that you should include in your marketing strategy is creating high-quality and relevant content. You must aim for what will pique your audience’s attention. You may get your content through various research from your target audience. Look at their demographics, psychographics, and likes and dislikes. You can base your content on this to accurately reach your target market.

If you will hire a company for SEO of your website, ask that agency which keywords they will use and assure that those keywords in your marketing plan, having an engaging landing page that includes product information and characteristics, will hook your customers through content.

Run Loyalty and Reward Programs

Your business’ customers should be entitled to many rewards and perks for becoming loyal to your brand. They are mostly drawn to it not only because of the savings they can get, but also their loyalty towards your company.

A recent study showed that members of loyalty programs are more likely to suggest your products to others. Those members are also likely to pay higher prices for your products; they will tend to spend more money and time than those who are not part of the loyalty programs.

Loyalty and reward programs can make your customers feel that they are valued, and you want to build and continue lasting and memorable relationships with them. We, as owners, should give them lots of benefits and bonuses to drive their loyalty.

Where You Advertise Matters

You can experience social media anywhere. Accessed through mobile devices, where an average person spends 135 minutes on social platforms every single day. You might consider lining your promotion wherever your customers are on.

It is not advisable to have a company Facebook page that you rarely update or post contents. You need to reach other circles of your audiences on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more. Here are some guides you may use to help you start marketing with social media, particularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Facebook Marketing Guide – here’s a guide on how you can maximize your reach and improve your ROI by utilizing one of the biggest social media sites.
  • Marketer’s Guide to Twitter – a guide on how you can maximize your 140 characters on Twitter to help you convert.  
  • Best Time to Post on Instagram – easy to follow guide to ensure your post will be noticed by your demographic on Instagram.
  • A step by step guide to Pinterest Marketing – a tutorial on how you’ll your post promoted and be pinned.
  • Snapchat for Business – taking advantage of a growing platform and this guide will help you acquire those millennials on Snapchat.

When you publish a new post on your website or any of your social media platforms, you need to broadcast in on all of your platforms. It means you should consider mirroring your posts on other platforms to maximize your reach. Also, it can produce shares and backlinks that can rank you higher in search engine result pages. But remember to tweak your posts depending on the platform you are posting because each of them has its characteristics.

For example, Amazon Advertising and Google Merchant Center cater the in-demand locations. They felt the need to capitalize on this opportunity to advertise there. This stint may look like expensive, but your agency will help you pinpoint the most effective ways and strategies to give you more sales for your business in return.

Fair and Clear Shipping Costs, Delivery Windows, and Expected Delivery Dates

You would need to make your delivery information obvious to all of your customers. Delivery dates, shipping costs, and other details should be displayed by all means on your website. You would not want a customer to be surprised that they need to pay for cash on delivery on an earlier date that was given by your site or pays for an unexpected amount that does not reflect from what your site says. In this way, it will easily discourage your customers from purchasing again.

One thing to resolve this possible problem is to create a mini-basket function that shows them all of the products they have in their basket, including the total price and shipping cost. Also, you may want to consider after checkout of the customer, offer them a tracking feature so they would know where their products are as of the moment.

Free shipping can also attract many customers. You will not lose sales here because you can practice profitable free shipping. You can start by offering a minimum order value where you offer free shipping to the shoppers as long as they reach a certain price. Another technique is to consider including your shipping costs in product prices. For example, instead of promoting your product for $20 excluding $5 shipping, you will advertise $25 with free shipping.

Delivery windows are better when you can offer it shorter. Most companies are offering same day or next day delivery because it is convenient for your customers. You can also offer pick-ups to nearest delivery stores for customers who are willing to travel a bit.

In the end

Improving and maximizing your ROI is something you should target but always remember that you can only achieve this is if your customers are satisfied. It does take a whole lot of time and effort to plan, evaluate, and implement your strategies but what you get in return is always worth it.


Lili Grifinn an e-commerce developer and Adwords specialist by day and a binge Netflix watcher at night. She loves sci-fi movies and laughs at silly youtube videos.

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