PPC or Paid Advertising is the best way to drive more traffic to your website’s landing page. It is the easiest and sure shot way to get clicks. However, if it is done in an incorrect way, it can cost you a lot of money. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can run a PPC campaign to get awesome results.

Here are the tricks to drive high traffic through PPC campaign:

1. Optimize PPC Ads for Mobile:

The way people are interacting with PPC ads is changing. According to a reliable source, the mobile ad spends in the year 2016 accounted for almost half of the total PPC ad spend. That means half of your audience will click on your ads through their mobile phones only. This reminds us that the PPC ads must be optimized for mobile phones also.

When optimizing PPC ads for mobile, one needs to remember to put in the ratio of 1:3. Or else, chances are that no matter how fantastic your ads look on the desktop screen, it will not be seen altogether on mobile screens.

2. Retarget Audience for PPC ads:

Retargeting costs you nothing but it gives you better results. It is an effective way to improve PPC advertising performance. Once you know that the audience for your ads is not converting into leads, it is the best time to retarget with few optimizations.

It allows placing a cookie on the browser of your audience. Using those cookies, one can get on a hold of the lost traffic by reminding them how awesome your brand is.

3. Aim at Competitor’s Branded Terms:

Aiming at your competitor’s branded terms allows you to stay ahead of them and convince their potential customers to buy from you. Most of the people usually want to know what the competition has to offer and this can be the best chance for you to grab those extra clicks. You can also set up the landing page effectively so as to convince your competitor’s potential clients that they should be doing business with you. Driving their potential traffic towards your business helps you to stay ahead of them.

4. Target In-Market Audience:

The in-market audience can be defined as the one that is relevant to your business. Imagine spending a lot of money on your PPC ads and banners to be displayed in front of an irrelevant audience who is not at all interested in your business. It’s a huge waste, right? But you can avoid this using Google’s In-Market Audiences.

It helps you to target only the traffic that is ready for conversion. For example, a person is looking for a brand new car and you are a car seller. In market-audience allows you to display your car buying the ad in front of that person, thus, it has a better chance of getting clicked. In the past, companies like Toll Brothers and Wayfair have increased their ad response rate to 20% using the in-market audience.

5. Gmail Sponsored Promotions:

Gmail Sponsored Promotions is the new advertising option released by Google. GSP is yet another approach to target only relevant audience who are interested in your business. It uses the content of Gmails to target the relevant audience. So, if you are considering buying a car and send an email of that car to some of your relatives, this information can be used by GSP. It then displays an ad if car buying options in your inbox. This way business can drive more relevant traffic towards their business.

6. Tracking Conversions:

If you want to drive more traffic using PPC campaigns, then it is inevitable for you to track PPC conversions. Use keywords and tactics that are performing well for your business and avoid spending on keywords that don’t get clicked. Reduce your non-productive PPC spend and use it on more productive clicks. This can improve your click volume as well as sales.


The above-mentioned tactics may not necessarily drive you the desired traffic but it will give you better results. Try it out for yourself and share your results. Also, mention the tricks you know for driving traffic through PPC in the comment section.

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