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So you have a sticking point, do you?  You have something on a deal that may kill it, or is likely to kill it?  Something that perhaps drives customers away after they have already considered your offer?  Well guess what guys and girls…..if you ignore it, it won’t magically disappear.  Now for those of you in sales person to person, you don’t have to opportunity to ignore these sticking points, as the client is going to obviously bring up their qualms(if you are lucky, and they don’t just walk).

This is easy to see in face to face contact, but in our world of PPC, we see this as people blowing off and ignoring ads, as well as lower conversion rates that are expected to be higher.

A great example would be advertising a great ad for a great product to the absolutely worst demographic.  For example, if you are selling high end watches online, it may not be the best idea to promote that you are offering a discount on the watch.  Why, you ask?  People that are going to drop 5K on a watch, don’t care if you are giving $500 bucks off, they want to know that it is authentic and has great value.  Or maybe you are bringing this ad up for only ages 18-24, the age that WANTS the watch but will never be able to afford it.

Take a look at your ads, and take an obvious look at what is sticking with the ads.  Ads don’t just fail BECAUSE…..they fail for a REASON.  What problem are you solving for the customer, and what are the sticking points of the ad?

Good luck, folks!

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