Today I am at PubCon in LasVegas.  I had the opportunity to talk with Brian Piepgrass, Facebooks Internet Marketing Manager about Facebook Pages and Facebook Ads.  The particular individual isn’t over Facebook Ads but is over Facebooks Open Graph and getting customers using it and engaging their fan pages with the new open graph system.

Here are a couple questions that I was able to get out of him before he had to leave.

Question:  I am a manger of several Facebook Fan pages and some of the pages have very low quality.  Does this affect any of the other pages that I manage or my personal Facebook account?

Answer:  No. Facebook pages are not attached to other accounts through a persons account or other fan pages.  If you control 20+ fan pages and one of your fan pages gets labeled as spam.  It will not affect any of your other pages or personal account.  If you buy Facebook fans for one of your pages and Facebook deems the page as crap and never shows it in the news feed.  This has happened with me with one of our clients (they purchased fans) but it will not affect anything else that you’re doing.

Question:  What is Facebook doing to combat “click jacking” and other negative ways to get Facebook fans.

Answer: Nothing, they really don’t know how to stop this.  They are trying to find sites that are doing this and un-attribute fans that came from that site.  But as of right now they really can’t do anything because they don’t know where they come from.  Many of the larger sites that have been click jacking Facebook Fans to purchase fan pages have already been taken off.  Again, having a customer do this with you attached to the page should not affect your other accounts.  I do recommend getting new clients if you’re doing this.  I can see doing it to get to 25 fans to get a username but not after that.

Question: How do you fight Facebook Fan Page scam?

Answer:  We are trying to eliminate bots and bot like programs.  Facebook is always trying to get scammers by focusing on multiple posts from the same IP addresses and tracking commenting and logins through IP locations.

Hope these questions will help you in the future and get your PPC ads up and going!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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