Do Site Targeted Campaigns Actually Work?

Before we start on a little journey of benefits of site targeted campaigns, let’s get some insight into what site targeting actually is. Site targeting is a relatively new concept for Google. It allows one to choose from a variety of websites wherein their ads can be displayed. The term should not be confused with keyword targeting, as the two concepts are different altogether. Keyword targeting helps in showing up the content on different websites without considering the list of websites that are displaying your ads, while site targeting specifically picks up those websites you want your ads to be featured on. Site-targeting allows you to browse through several categories of websites and then decide on the websites that you would like to place your ads on.

Some people might argue that Google AdWords is the best method to divert traffic to your website. Well, no doubt it’s an excellent way, however, it is very expensive. Moreover, with Google AdWords, you cannot be too sure if your website will rank amongst the top search results when several other individuals are bidding on the same keyword. Make sure you do your homework before you choose how to get traffic!

The process: Site Targeted Campaign

The process of site targeting or creating site targeted campaigns may seem convoluted but is actually uncomplicated. You are only required to select some URLs and describe topics and theme to Google and leave the rest on the search engine, it will find the most relevant websites for you as per your demographics.

Mentioned below is the process that one has to follow for site-targeting campaign:

  • Open any search engine and type in your desired keyword
  • Open the top 10 search results that promote advertising through AdSense
  • Now open Google AdWords and craft a site-targeted campaign
  • Add the website URLs that you decided to include in Google AdSense, the search engine will automatically start displaying your ad on all these websites.
  • Decide on your minimum CPT (Cost Per thousand). CPT estimates the cost per thousand views of the ad. It is the cost that you want to spend per thousand impressions.

This is how site-targeted campaigns are created and work.

You might want to go for both Site targeted campaign as well as search targeted campaign, but you need to make sure that you keep both campaigns detached in Google AdWords. This will help you get higher conversions.

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