A great way to appeal to an audience immediately is to find out what they are talking about already and then join the conversation by adding something new to the discussion.

Most Facebook users are very selective in what they share. If you identify what they are currently sharing you can gain a really good understanding of content you should produce that will likely be picked up.  Sounds great right? So how do you do it quickly for free?

1. Grab all the links people are sharing (0:15 seconds)

Head over to LinkNotify and connect your Facebook account; this will let you grab a list of all links shared by your friends, pages or both. After the initial load, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Load More Links”.

Highlight the entire list of links and copy this to the clipboard for pasting it into the next tool.

Pro Tip: Create a Facebook account specifically for your niche and “Like” all the major brand pages. Then connect LinkNotify to this new account for some quick insights into the niche.

2. Create a word cloud for the link titles (0:15 seconds)

Now we are going to create a word cloud out of all the link titles so we can quickly see what is popular. Head over to the Wordle create page and paste the link titles you copied in step 1 into the text box then click “Go”.

At this point you will probably need to click “Run this time” to allow the Java applet to run. Once the word cloud loads at the top of the applet, click on “Language > make all words lowercase” to normalize the data otherwise capital and lowercase words are counted separately.

Pro Tip: If one common word is irrelevant (such as “via”) you may want to remove with a quick find & replace in a text editor before pasting into Wordle.

Viola! You have your tag cloud:

3. Brainstorm content by combining words in the word cloud (0:30 seconds)

Now you want to print off the word cloud and highlight word combinations for content topics; alternatively you might just write out headline ideas while looking at the word cloud.

It’s smart to check relative search volumes in your favorite keyword tool at this point and use the data to prioritize which content to create for increasing targeted traffic the most.

Pro Tip: Repeat this process once a week for a never ending stream of hot content ideas.


Now pay it forward and share your super-efficient tricks for generating content topics that resonate with users quickly in the comments below.

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