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With the Google Panda and Penguin updates now in effect and always changing the way we have to build links and content around our web sites, it’s now more important than for all web sites to focus on real link building effort. Directory submissions have always been an effective and long term solution to building backlinks that last, but they are also time consuming to setup and if you want to create new user accounts for every directory you are submitting to, this could take hours in itself.

You may be able to find a few free directory submission services out there, but we all know when you get when something is free… and this is not something you should play around with when it comes to link building. Directory Maximizer is a successful and professional directory submission service that has been building links for thousands of clients, and it’s always great to see a service that is ranked well themselves. This can clearly be seen in the PR5 status, and their 11k Alexa ranking. Sure, that information doesn’t mean much… but I’ve seen so many services out there that offer promotional services, yet their sites rank in the millions on Alexa and they don’t even have an establish PR rank… no thanks!

Directory Submissions Made Easy

Getting back on topic, directory submissions take a lot of time and requires a lot of tedious and dirty work none of us want to deal with. Who wants to spend all day filling out forms and confirming email accounts, then filling in all of your site information for each new directory. Directory Maximizer makes the process a lot easier, and it’s actually cheaper than you might think.

Once you are at the Directory Maximizer web site you can start looking through all of the options for building one way back links to your site from online directories. Another benefit to user Directory Maximizer to any free and software solutions out there, is that DM does all of their submissions manually, which is more legitimate and successful than using bots or other automated systems. DM also takes a look at your site before posting to the directories, to make sure that your site is in the correct fields, has the necessary titles and other site information.

  • Get permanent one-way links by having your site manually submitted up to 1283 quality web directories.
  • We increase your chances of directory approvals by ensuring that your site details meet all directory guidelines and are submitted under the most relevant category.

Directory Maximizer’s Six-Step Submission Process

It’s always nice to know what you are signing up for when you purchase a service. Directory Maximizer has their six step¬†directory submission process laid out in an easy to read and understand chart, which is shown below. As the site owner you will only need to provide information for the first two steps.

Once you register for your account, you can fill in all of the necessary information for your site, then you can move into the directories process. What’s great about Directory Maximizer is that they allow you to choose how many directories you would like to submit to, along with whether you want them all processed at the same time, or over a specific period of time.

When all of this information is completed, DM takes over and does the rest. The DM team will look over your information and web site to make sure everything is correct, will start the submission process and then get back to you with a nice detailed report.

How Much Does Directory Maximizer Cost?

The process of directory submissions is not a complicated one, but it can be quite time consuming. The rate at which it will cost is determined by how many directory submissions you would like to have. The cost per directory submission is only .14 cents, and the minimum order is a low $5.

There are currently 1474 directories offered by Directory Maximizer, and to submit to all of them it would cost you $206.36. There is also an option to submit to 100 new directories each month, which would be recommended as it would look more natural to the search engines.

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