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As I mentioned in my last article about the preparation advertisers need to do before they create their PPC campaign (with the use of a business plan), a must do for advertisers was to highlight the ways your campaign is different to competitors. From this, advertise these as USPs (unique selling points) since USPs will make your campaign stand out to the rest. However, if you have a PPC campaign running already and you are unsure you have any USPs to help attract contextual traffic, below are a few ways you can add USPs to your campaign to make it seem that bit more attractive to the traffic you are targeting resulting in more clicks, more traffic and more conversions.


Use Power Words

Power words are a must use since these are words in the English dictionary that are the most influential and powerful words. Below are some examples of power words you can use:

  • You
  • Money
  • New
  • Save
  • Results
  • Easy
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Love
  • Discovery
  • Proven
  • Guaranteed

Although power words won’t give your campaign a USP, they will make your campaign much more appealing to the web user. Therefore, it is always advised to include around one or two power words in your advert – be warned that too many power words and your advert will start to look ‘too good to be true’.


Research Your Market

A great way to introduce USPs to your campaign is to simply research and find out what your target market wants. If you offer everything they want from your segment of the market, they have absolutely no reason to go for any of the competitor’s campaigns. For this reason, put aside a proportion of your budget and dedicate this to market research so you can find out just exactly what your target market wants from you and then deliver this.



Change Your Text Advert

If you have researched your competitors, you will know the type of adverts they have used in PPC with the majority of them most likely being search text adverts. If you want to differentiate yourself from competitors, make your text advert differentiated too. A great example can always be Apple with their PPC campaigns. Most campaigns centred around technology think that bundling a text advert with information on the technology will attract sales. However, Apple differentiates their text adverts from the rest by making them extremely simple with the minimum amount of text. Here is Apple’s text advert for the iPhone 5C:

How To Differentiate Your PPC Campaign From Competitors

As well as differentiating from competitors with the minimalistic approach, Apple have made it possibly to grab the web user’s attention by giving away absolutely no information about the phone. Instead, for the web user to ‘Learn more’, they will have to click on the advert and head for the landing page which we can all guess is where the information on the phone will be.

Differentiating your text advert is crucial to your campaign’s success since it is the only area of a PPC campaign when you are placed side by side with competitors. Therefore, make sure you make your advert is different to your competitors!

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