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The PPC advert is important to the success of the campaign since it attracts the web users onto the landing page. However, as well as getting them onto the landing page, they single out the right people that should go onto the landing page too. For example, you do not want someone tight for money going onto Ferrari’s website when they wanted to buy a small affordable hatchback car. The PPC text advert should be a good representation of what is to come on the landing page.


Since PPC text adverts vary considerably from different companies, I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at a few every now and then and see how they have created their text advert to accommodate what they are trying sell to the web user.


To see the two below PPC search adverts, I typed in ‘laptop’ onto Google search UK:

The Different Types Of PPC Adverts Out There


As you can see, there are two adverts for the term ‘laptop’: one from Apple and one from PC World.


Apple’s PPC Advert

Apple’s products, as everyone knows, are premium products with a premium price and this advert continues with the premium theme. They include wow factors by mentioning the ‘retina display’ and ‘More power behind every pixel’. As well as this, they have included a call to action being ‘Learn more’. It is vital to have a call to action since if you don’t what do you want the web user to do? ‘Learn more’ means Apple wants the web user to click on the advert to ‘Learn more’. A call to action can significantly improve your advert’s CTR rate.


What is noticeable is that Apple realised that their pricing does not attract many web users into wanting to buy their product. With the cheapest Macbook Pro in the thousands of dollars still, Apple has tried to lure the web user into wanting the laptop for it’s wow factor. Once the web user wants it, they will stop at no price to buy it. This is a good strategy that if you are offering something that is premium and expensive, get the web user gripped onto the USPs of the product and then introduce them to the pricing of it. This may mean to only introduce the pricing after a click through landing page.



PC World’s PPC Advert

In contrast, we also have PC World’s PPC advert which is the complete opposite to Apple’s. They are looking at the price sensitive customer since it is an advert on laptop deals and £150 off on selected laptops.

From the above image, you will have noticed that PC World is already ranked number 2 organically. So, why have they got a PPC campaign? Well, PC World’s organic result only brings the web user onto PC World’s range of laptops. They cannot change that. If PC World wanted to advertise, lets say, laptop deals, they cannot unless they use a PPC campaign to rank higher than their organic result.

Looking at the advert itself, they have not included a call to action but instead have included an incentive that the web user could save £150 if they bought a laptop with PC World. This works just as effectively as a call to action since it is providing the web user an benefit if they decide to click on the advert. This makes clear that if you want a good CTR, either include a call to action or a incentive.

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