Facebook is not only about chatting with your friends, scrolling the news feeds and remaining aware of the latest news from all across the globe. These details may have summarised the essence of this social networking site to a general facebook user but there is a lot more for those who are well-aware of the technical know-how. And, when we talk about the technical Facebook aspect there is no escaping from Facebook SDK or software development kit. The package offers eight different tools that help to enhance an app’s functionality.

Not only these tools help enhance app’s functionality but also help to share in-app content, app promotion and drive in sales along with monetizing the app with Facebook ads. Integrating Facebook SDK (read Facebook login) in an application is a convenient way for the users to log in to the app that abolishes the separate sign up requirement for the users.

Let’s Have The Round Up Of The 8 Tools Facebook SDK Offers for iOS, Android alike:

  1. Login (Facebook login)
  2. Share (sharing & liking content on Facebook)
  3. Graph API (query Facebook data, post stories, etc.)
  4. App Links (linking Facebook posts directly to the app)
  5. App Invites (to friends for inviting them to use your app)
  6. App Events (to analyze how people are using your app)
  7. Ads (shown in Facebook feeds for better engagement)
  8. Audience Network (monetizing the app with Facebook ads)

Now let’s have a look at the ways that could help you promote your app through Facebook SDK tools:

Facebook Login to Add Simplicity

In recent years, Facebook login is a must-have feature for the application. Such a login not only adds simplicity but a layer of trust too in the minds of the users. With Facebook login, users need not create another signup and that’s a big relief for them. Integrating Facebook login in your application gives the details and the access to photos, timezone, friends list and other such information to the marketers. This helps them to get additional information on user’s account, which is an absolute delight for the marketers. The initial Facebook sign up only gives this much information to the marketers, which is pretty fair on both parties account (users and marketers). Accessing other important data needs users’ permission.

Sharing The Apps To Related Community

In-app sharing gives app exposure and promotes the app to other communities as well. In case, your app gets exposure in any Facebook feed as a travel app that offers additional discount and plenty of other services, the mutual connections are sure to give the app a try. This will add on to the app’s additional income. Facebook makes it easy to share an app, a piece of news or other important details through like and share button alike. While sharing, users may add an additional comment to an app’s description, which will appear in other’s feeds also in order to provide additional exposure to the application.

App Events To Know More About Target Audience

Facebook offers a host of analytical tools to the users. And, some of these tools are just exceptional to target the audience in most specific ways. The funnel is a Facebook analytical tool for apps. The tool displays the route that users heed towards while reaching to an application. The tool traces the route by lining the virtual path of the app with the App event. It shows users’ navigation to the app through different channels (whatever users take in order to reach to the app). This is an amazing tool from the giant social media site to determine users’ attention and the retention rate by focusing on different channels that users are taking to reach to the application.

Audience Network to monetize with Facebook

Facebook has its very own ad network. The tool has been developed to target relevant ads in the Facebook feed. By showing in-app ads, app owners can make additional profit from the application. In-app ads powered by Facebook SDK can be your way to make the money from the application. It is important to display relevant and personalized ads to the users. Such ads have a higher user retention rate.  Additionally, if an ad seems personal, users are sure to check it in and out. In case, they like it, they won’t hesitate to give it a try.

The Upshot

This was all about the details of promoting your application through Facebook SDK. Bringing visibility to the application is very much important to its overall success. And, when Facebook SDK offers a number of exceptional tools, why not give them a try to get the all the benefits? Facebook’s analytical feature and the set of tools are just amazing to utilize for better app visibility. Promoting your application with the power of social media sites that too through Facebook is not only effective but victorious too as it is one of the mediums that can bring easy traffic for your application.

Neha Baluni is a content maven associated with MobileAppDaily, the platform for gaining the insight on tech innovation. With her writing, she has been helping many companies to dignify their visibility over the internet. Hrhaving more than 5 years of experience in technical content writing, she loves writing on a variety of technical & non-technical topics apart from being an avid traveler

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