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2012 has been a great your for advertisers. Why? They have had the access to some of the best articles on pay per click advertising to help them make their campaigns more successful and profitable. The problem I find is that there are still alot of people that cannot Database Of PPC Articles From 2012access the articles they want all in one place. Well, fear not my friend. Below is a complete database of all the best PPC articles from 2012 neatly arranged into months. Feel free to skip to any month for the best PPC articles from that month.


Some Useful PPC Articles From January 2012

The first month of 2012 contained some great articles to help advertisers settle into pay per click advertising for the new year. What caught my eye the most was the 21 Pay Per Click Tips For Beginners – a must read.


Some Useful PPC Articles From February 2012

February contains some great articles looking at the biggest mistake in PPC and the history of advertising starting from the Egyptians. Any advertiser should know the origins of advertising in general!


Some Useful PPC Articles From March 2012

Just like February, March contains articles that can benefit all types of advertisers. However, I think the best articles from March can be summed up by a comment from a PPC.org reader, “Will, where do you find the time to write all these quality articles day after day?!“.


Some Useful PPC Articles From April 2012

If I had to pick one or two months that contained, what I perceived to be, the best PPC articles of the year, one of the months would have to be March. Looking at a mini-series on PPC success, there are articles on ways to obtain CPC, CTR, conversion, impressions and landing page success.


Some Useful PPC Articles From May 2012

With articles looking at the pros and cons of PPC as well as technological advances, May contains articles that can apply to the absolute majority of advertisers.


Some Useful PPC Articles From June 2o12

July has to be the other month, along with April, that contained the highest of quality articles. There are articles looking at every corner of PPC from landing pages to keywords to click fraud to even contingency planning!


Some Useful PPC Articles From July 2012

July would have to be classed as a month of ‘alternatives’. With the focus on the publisher side to pay per click advertising and banner advertising, this month is great for all those curious advertisers wanting to be bloggers or want to try alternatives to pay per click advertising.


Some Useful PPC Articles From August 2012

Reasons to increase your CPC. Reasons to decrease your CPC. Improve your landing page. Things to include on your landing page. Factors that will affect conversions. Ways to give a PPC campaign a boost. Explanation of PPC keywords. If some of these PPC articles do not lure you in, I cannot imagine what will…


Some Useful PPC Articles From September 2012

September contains great articles which can help advertisers with common problems. Why are you not making money with PPC? Is BuySellAds actually a competitor to PPC? All questions will be answered in September.


Some Useful PPC Articles From October 2012

October is a great month for articles on small tweaks and optimisation. As well as this, I look to show similarities between PPC and the advertising sectors of a business. From being similar, we can use business concepts in PPC to our advantage.


Some Useful PPC Articles From November 2012

Here is another great month with articles on why you should not go into PPC bidding wars for keywords plus more. There are also two reviews on alternative competitors to Google and PPC: Media.net (PPC) and Infolinks (In-text).


Some Useful PPC Articles From December 2012

Although December looks more at the effect of Christmas on PPC, there are some articles that can apply no matter the time of year such as Three Elementary Landing Page Optimisation Tips.


There we have it! The best articles from 2012 delivered to you in one article. I hope 2012 was a great year for you. Remember, have a happy new year and don’t forget your New Year’s Resolution!

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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