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When it comes to using PPC, there are two main paths you can take. You can either use search advert or image adverts. Search adverts will appear on search engines and publisher websites whereas image adverts will only appear on publisher websites. I always think image adverts have the greater potential in PPC because the sky is the limit regarding what the design and size of the image advert can be. This is a good thing but can also be seen as a bad thing considering advertisers may design a totally terrible image advert. For this reason, here are a few guidelines you can use when it comes to designing and creating your own PPC image advert.



Blend Colours

When it comes to adverts, you have three different colour combinations you can choose from:

  • Minimalistic – This involves next to nothing in colours, usually white with a shade of grey/black.
  • Blend – This involves white with one or two colours that blend with each other (examples include red and yellow, green and blue or orange and red).
  • Contrast – There are no rules for this. You want the colours to be as bright and bold as possible so that you get the web users attention at the minimum.

What I found through experimenting, though, is that the blend colour combination works best. This is because it still attracts the web users (unlike the minimalistic colour combination) and is pleasing to the eye to read and look at (unlike the contrast colour combination). Therefore, choose one to two colours to use for your image advert along with white.



Can You Make The Image Advert a Search Advert?

This is by far the most important point that will make you realise if your image advert is going to do well or not. In essence, the image advert should be able display the same amount of information that a text advert should display. If you display more information, it will be a bit overwhelming to the web user to digest it all. If you display less information, you will not be utilising the space of your image advert effectively. Therefore, always make sure you can convert your image advert to a text advert. Here is an example below:

How to Create An Amazing PPC Image AdvertAs it can be seen, the colour combination is a blend, using white, red and green. For the next point, can it be turned into a search advert?


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It can be turned into a search advert. However, it looks like it will struggle to do well. In this case, it would make sense t reword the advert so it is clear what the title, description and brand name/URL is of this image advert.

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