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When it comes to being successful with ad campaigns, it all comes down to your traffic source, landing page and tracking solution. Of the three listed, the tracking solution can make your life much easier and will do all of the work for you when setup properly.

One of the best tracking solutions out there is CPV Lab, which is used by some of the top internet marketers who are pushing thousands of dollars a day in lead generation, mainly through CPV advertising. The concept behind CPV Lab is simple, an easy to use platform that allows you to setup pixel tracking, while also including your affiliate network or choice, while also tracking your traffic sources and landing page conversions.

To get a quick and visual idea on how CPV Lab works, take a second to watch the video below.

In addition to the video above, you will find a ton of detailed information on the CPV Lab web site. Below is a quite list of the benefits of using CPV Lab over other tracking solutions.

CPV Lab Summary

As mentioned, many of the top affiliates in the game rely on CPV Lab for all of their stats tracking. While the software was created for CPV advertising, it can also be used for direct linking and even tracking social network based campaigns like Facebook Ads. Installation is a quick setup, and once you are rolling, you can watch the tutorial videos included to all CPV Lab users should you come across any questions while setting up your first ad campaign.

The cost of CPV Lab is $297, which covers the cost of your first year and all updates. To continue with your software updates beyond the first year, the price is $147 a year.

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