Why is conversion rate optimization essential? Conversion rate optimization is the key to converting a higher number of visitors to paying customers. Apparently, you have done whatever steps are necessary to maximize search engine optimization. You have invested in advertisements, and your traffic sites are showing steady growth. But even with these steps, your revenue is not increasing. So it is now time to think of conversion rate optimization holistically.

Observe the customer lifecycle

Even after adopting every tactic you are not getting recurring customers. The visitors you receive have a short term stay in mind. Optimizing your conversions involve taking into account the customer lifecycle. If you optimize each lifecycle stage, you will notice there has been an increase in user engagement from one level to the next. You will see more potential customers are converting into real customers. More customers are renewing, and many existing customers are promoting the brand by been active vocally.

Build strong conversion funnels

Drive as many people as possible to your website. Convert them into a subscriber, lead or customer. Many people will not going to switch immediately if that involves spending money. You have to focus on building strong conversion funnels. People may drop into your website with some specific requirements. Your task is to meet those needs and guide them towards conversion. You need to optimize each stage of the lifecycle for efficient conversion. The customer lifecycle passes through acquisition, activation, retention and revenue phases.


Know the different types of visitors that enter your site. Focus on the solutions available that would be of some benefit to them. If you can cater towards their needs effectively, then you can guide them towards the conversion.


As soon as a customer discovers some element of value in your product he is activated. Now you have to keep your customer engaged in your product or service. The objective is to retain them as a customer. You should now convert more users by offering them specific actions. So in the retention lifecycle phase, the objective is to optimize calls to action. Users should have a pleasant experience which will make them want to stay.


Now for better business growth, you should present your customers with the call to action for upgrading product or services. You should provide your customers with an upsell opportunity.


Analyze and track which phase has resulted in bringing business value. You should delve deeper into the customer data to analyze these matters. Gather customer information and study the behavioral pattern of the customers. You may discover the way they travel through your website and the points that attracted them. As you observe the route of the progress of the users, you will come to know the paths taken by the users that result in conversions. By delving into customer data, you will come to know the user patterns.

Role of advertisements

Advertisements are important means of converting targeted users into customers. Your conversion rates will be affected adversely if the landing page son your website is not too relevant to your marketing techniques. You should segment your target users and then take action by delivering target message to each segment separately.

Things to remember

It is always a good idea not to stop optimizing even if you are at the top of the funnel. Many conversion points still need to be optimized which will help you get more revenue. You have to take a deeper dig into conversion tests to know the real impact on income. Identify the from the customer data, potential conversion wins. Think of ways to improve on these lines. For higher conversion rate, add segmentation to the conversion rate optimization.

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