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Just like with PPC, search engine optimisation can contain mistakes too. Search engine optimization utilises organic traffic as a Here are Some Common SEO Mistakessource of traffic and it can be said to be the most used traffic source for the majority of websites out there. For this reason, if you get SEO wrong, you will be hindering the performance of your main traffic source massively! This is why it is always a great idea to make sure you are not doing any SEO mistakes. Here are some common SEO mistakes people make so you can make sure you do not make them in the future.



#1 Broken Links

A problem and mistake with SEO is broken links. Over time, it is only natural that webpages are taken down, hosts moved and so on. Therefore, there is a good chance that not every link on your website will point to a functional webpage.

Not only is this annoying to your web users, who click onto the link to get to the page, Google do not like it one bit either. They deem a broken link as bad which will give your website a bad reputation if you have many broken links. A website with a bad reputation will be ranked lower by Google because the search engine will not value your content as valuable as before: when there were no broken links.

This makes it clear that it is a necessity to every now and then use a tool to find how many broken links you have and correct them!



#2 Over Keyword Density

There is nothing worst than visiting a website to read some content that has clearly had the objective of filling itself with as much keywords as possible. The reason bloggers and website owners do this is to make their article seem more SEO friendly so that they rank higher on Google and other search engines for them keywords. The only problem with this is that it annoys web users so much because every other word is a keyword! As well as this, Google uses many complex algorithms to determine quality content to poor content. If your content has too dense a keyword count, it will only hinder the performance of the content since the content will be classed by Google as poor quality.



#3 Duplicated/Poor Content

Most websites will rank lower on search engines for the simple fact that their content is either poor or duplicated. Duplicated content means you have basically copied the information from content on another website while poor content is simply content that will not help web users in general.

For the majority, most bloggers and website owners do not need to worry about this since it will only affect those that have copied content on not put a lot of effort into it. Remember, someone else’s work on the internet cannot be claimed as yours! High quality and new content is the type of content that is rewarded the most by search engines.

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