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It is clear that linking a PPC campaign to send traffic to a designated landing page will naturally inherit a good conversion rate. Here are Some Common PPC MistakesHowever, pay per click advertising campaigns are notorious in the sense that they have such a high level of customization that mistakes can happen throughout a campaign. In return, mistakes in a PPC campaign can cause the traffic entering a poorly optimised landing page to be poor, causing the conversion rate to suffer. For this reason, here are some common PPC mistakes you may find in your own campaign.

#1 Keyword Selection

As I briefly mention in one of my recent articles, a common mistake PPC advertisers make is when it comes to selecting what keywords that want to use and not. Some advertisers will, no doubt, mistakenly add some of the better quality keywords to the negative keyword list, preventing them from being implemented into the campaign. As well as this, some keywords that are poor performing will not be selected to go into the negative keyword list, enabling them to continually be used in the campaign. Therefore, make sure you are 100% sure on what keywords you use for both your main keyword list and the negative keyword list.



#2 Advert is Not Relevant to Landing Page

Another problem I find with campaigns is that the advert is not linked enough to the contents of the landing page. This means the web user will click on the advert expecting one thing and will receive something different to what they were expecting on the landing page. For this reason, make sure your advert leads the web user on and is on the same topic exactly as your landing page. You will be able to tell if you have done this mistake because you will find the click through rate for your advert will be good but the conversion rate on your landing page will be quite low. This makes clear that something between clicking the advert and converting on the landing page is not working: the contextuality of the advert to the landing page.



#3 Over Competitiveness

Websites such as eBay are profitable because they induce competitiveness between people. Sometimes, you will find that products in a used state will go for more than they are new because of this. The same thing can happen in PPC. The number one spot in PPC does generally produce the best results. However, how much is it actually worth? Most web users will read all the adverts above organic results since they are quite closely located to one another. Therefore, if the cost to get top spot is way too much, then don’t waste your budget bidding ridiculously for it! Second and third spots are not bad places to have your advert…

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